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KURT - "RMXD" 12" XM-084

This 12" contains the songs "We Want Royals" and "Rat", both previously released on the Split-7" with the POPULAR SHAPES - but completely remixed and remastered with a way better sound (since the band was not happy with the sound on the 7"...)!!! Well, since the 7" was limited to 500 copies and is totally sold-out by now, this makes surely sense! On the backside you’ll get 4 "real" remix-versions: "Black Cat" and "Tricks On Dancing" (from the "La Guard" LP) as BAM BAM BABYLON BAJASCH-remixes, also then "Black Cat" and "Royals" as ENDO-remix-versions! The cover comes with an extra-screenprint on front- and backside, and this record is limited as well to 500 copies!!!

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