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TRENCHER - "When Dracula Thinks Look At Me" LP

Review from Collective Zine

Many of you reading this will already have born witness to one of Trencher’s many live performances, a spectacle that is baffling and terrifying in equal measure. This fourteen-track, seventeen-minute affair is a gleeful attempt at grappling that insanity, dragging it to the floor and forcibly committing it to the confines of a skinny piece of shining plastic.

For those hermetic souls unfamiliar with Trencher’s racket, it amounts to more noise than should plausibly be wrought from a drum kit, bass guitar, dysfunctional keyboard and set of vocal cords. An uncomfortably fast splatter of damaged art-grind interwoven with synthetic blips, Hammer Horror keyboard parts and a threatening, guttural roar that suggests it’s owner’s favourite food is babies. Brief, unpleasant, and thoroughly worthy. One for the odd sorts who give equal time in their daily listening to the likes of Gasp, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Melt Banana and East/West Blast Test. Two thumbs up.