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SILENT FRONT - "Dead Lake" 12" + CD

Silent Front roar out of your speakers like the bastard offspring of Tad and Shellac. Their stuff is choc full of repetitive grooves, gut wrenching bass and shouty almost bluesy vocals. It shifts from understated verses to full-on wigouts with a kind of Heads-style ferocity. It reminds me of loads of great early to mid 90s bands. Mebbe Jesus Lizard might spring to mind. The production is great. Really full and warm sounding. It really fills your senses. It has a muscular sound and the songs are strong and have enough going on for even the most ADD of listener. The playing is fierce and has an energy and urgency that I could bum any day of the week. My favorite track at the moment is the amazing "Suit For A Certain Occasion" It simply rocks the pants off you as you listen to it. A solid album from a powerful band who seem to take no prisoners.
- Review by "Norman Records"
- Released by Art For Blind