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THE BISMARCK - Wild Prairie Rose LP

The Bismarck is a rock band that plays rock music. Playing shows and making records is just part of the deal and they do these things, too.

The band is comprised of four long-time friends from Grand Forks, North Dakota (well, Jury's from Bismarck originally, but who's counting?) who have slowly migrated out to the west coast of the US of A.

The Bismarck is a big fan of the Midwest work ethic and independent spirit. They book their own shows, engineer and release their own records, silkscreen their own shirts, load their own gear, drive their own van and - grudgingly - write their own promotional spew.

Their latest record, Wild Prairie Rose, is available in the UK exclusively from Gringo and they'll be doing a tour in 2014 that we'll keep updated here:

Wed Mar 19 - board plane
Thur Mar 20 - get off plane, sleep
Fri Mar 21 - Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, w/ Ex Wives
Sat Mar 22 - Hoping to land a show at the 13th Note, Glasgow
Sun Mar 23 - open
Mon Mar 24 - open
Tues Mar 25 - Cardiff?????
Wed Mar 26 - Bristol ?????
Thur Mar 27 - Hereford w/ New Cowboy Builders and Plane Crasher
Fri Mar 28 - Bradford
Sat Mar 29 - Nottingham, ideally with Grey Hairs
Sun Mar 30 - Somewhere else, also ideally w/ Grey Hairs

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White vinyl