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Grey Hairs

Grey Hairs are channelling aggressive surf rock and some of the lesser known 80's and 90's bands of their optimistic riddled youth, now seen through the eyes of the barrel staring 10's. It's 100% definitely punk rock, but it's way more than that. You want a soundbite, go hunt your own - But I'm saying Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys V's The Wipers done Notts style, this time it's war. Paranoid Time, The Minutemen done by The Fall and the B52's.

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GREY HAIRS - "Colossal Downer" LP

13/04/2015 · Gringo Records · WAAT058


20/04/2013 · Gringo Records · WAAT052

This 3 song 7 inch is the first recorded output from Nottingham's premier midlife crisis rock band Grey Hairs. Featuring members of UK underground bands as diverse and respected as Lords, Fists, Cult Of Dom Keller, Fonda 500 and Kogumaza, Grey Hairs is a conscious attempt to return to the gut instinct impulses that got its 4 band members out of their bedrooms and onstage in the first place. With a reputation for carefree and chaotic live performances, Grey Hairs have turned what started as an excuse to go to the pub on a weeknight into something truly special within the space of a year.