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TEARDROP FACTORY - Thrash In The Heart FAUX035

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Teardrop Factory's debut album, Thrash in the Heart, falls into existence in a swirling haze of broken sleep, streams of consciousness and teen despondency.

The Brighton based duo pick up from where they left last year's excellent Topshop EP but expand their alternative 90s worshiping earworms with an added layer of noise. Grit and scuzz consume 13 pop songs about mermaids, electric ghosts, car crashes, geometry, surfing, eating insects, video games and lucid dreams.

Tina Muat and Andy Ward assumed a number of roles in the creative process of Thrash In The Heart, from committing their ideas to tape using a four track recorded before rummaging through each recording to flesh out the ideas into perfectly formed, fuzz-laden dreamscapes, to creating a matching aesthetic for the album’s artwork, videos and press shots.

Drummer, Tina Muat says of the experience:

“It took us two solid weeks to listen back to all our old 4trk demo tapes with the intention of making them into an album. Days blended together, video games, guitars, and channel surfing in a daze of sleep deprivation. When it was over we had 13 new songs and the bare bones of the album which chronicles this writing process.”

Lead track, '3am Coke Dream' is the album's prelude; an immediate lo-fi number that bursts into life with a menacingly addictive hook. The track highlights the entire creative journey, setting the tone for the record both literally and musically. 'Deeper + Deeper' is a blissful, swirling sinkhole of static that takes the pace of the record down a notch but loses none of the endlessly satisfying fractured fuzz that ties the album together. 'Now We Shatter' injects the urgency back into the fold leading up to the frantic cacophony of the climatic, 'Superimposed'. The slacker-fi is laid on thick for wonderfully lazy album closer, Fake Tan, which fades out into nothing.
Released by Faux Discx on 180g pink swirl vinyl with a risograph printed insert. 200 copies. Comes with digital download code.

Made at home by the band and recorded in their bathroom, then mixed with Julian Tardo (Church Rd Studios / Bowlegs) and finally, mastered with MJ (Hookworms) at Suburban Home.