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GREY HAIRS - "Health & Social Care" WAAT070


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Having spent 2018 touring with Sleaford Mods, Hey Colossus and Brooklyn's SAVAK, Nottingham punk rock lifers Grey Hairs have announced their third album 'Health & Social Care' - a scorching reflection on balancing your creative impulses against the commitments of impending middle age.

Their first output since 2016's 'Serious Business', 'Health & Social Care' is an expansion of the band's sound that recalls elements of The Birthday Party, Laughing Hyenas, The Jesus Lizard or of a downer-fuelled B52s and what surf music sounds like coming from the most land-locked part of the country.

In the video for new single 'Tory Nurse', directed by David Lilley, we're taken on a sloped and queasy trip through rural Derbyshire that sees the band tasked with delivering a body (later revealed to be a clown) to an undisclosed location. The fate of the clown is never revealed beyond disappearing into a hole in the ground, in a droll and absurd attempt to address the core ideas behind ‘Health & Social Care’ and the inevitable mystery of things to come.

2016’s 'Serious Business' saw a clear sharpening of the band’s focus. The clue was in the title. What started as an offshoot to the members’ proper bands reached that wonderful point where it becomes an entity all of its own and steers the ship as though an invisible 5th member. And that member was steering things in directions none of the others had ever anticipated.

'Health & Social Care' expands on this. Its rage is tight and deliberate and its themes more explicitly stated. This is not a bunch of guys mimicking their youth (or other people’s youth) and balancing their weekend anti-establishment anger with their job as a software developer, or vintage furniture dealer, or credit check specialist.

If 'Health & Social Care' has a theme (and again the clue is in the title) it’s “how can someone be a public sector punk in 2019?”. Commendable though most political music is, it’s perhaps easier to articulate your rage at the system when you don’t spend over 40 hours a week working in it.

But what if you do? What if your punk rock ethics extend to your occupation?

This is a record about balancing your creative impulses with your life as you get older and the time to do either squeezes in on you. It’s a record about aesthetic punks, Dunning-Kruger syndrome in the Health service, extreme 360-degree cognitive dissonance and – most crucially – a confusion and inability to tackle these external problems because you’re so f*cked by your own personal ones.

Recorded and mixed by Phil Booth at JT Soar, Nottingham. Additional Recording by Grey hairs at Way-Out Is The Way Out. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Cover photos by James. Live photos by Simon Parfrement and Julie R Kane. Portrait photos by Siobhan, Jon and Photomovette. Sleeve by Chris.

Pressing Information
498 copies on red vinyl. Comes with digital download code.
300 copies on green vinyl (due early October 2019). Comes with digital download code.
1000 copies in 6 panel CD digifile sleeve.

UK Stockists

Nottingham Forever Records
Bangor Bending Sound
Bedford Slide Record Shop
Belfast Strange Victory Records
Bingley Five Rise Records
Brighton Resident
Brighton Rarekind Records
Brighton / Worthing Tatty Seaside Town
Bristol radio/ON
Bristol Rough Trade
Cambridge Lost in Vinyl
Cardiff Spillers Records
Cheltenham Badlands Records
Colchester / Bury St Edmunds Vinyl Hunter Essex / Vinyl Hunter
Coventry Just Dropped In
Derby Dubrek Studios
Glasgow monorail music
Huddersfield Vinyl Tap Records
Kettering Skin & Bones Records
Keynsham Longwell Records
Kirkcaldy KCCVinyl
Leamington Spa Head Records
Leeds Jumbo Records
Liverpool Probe Records
London Rough Trade East
London Rough Trade West
London Sister Ray Records
London Stranger Than Paradise Records
Manchester Piccadilly Records
Margate Elsewhere
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Beatdown Records
Newport Diverse Vinyl
Oxford Truck Store
Preston Action Records
Southend South Records
St Albans Empire Records
Stoke on Trent Music Mania Ltd
Stoke on Trent Strand Records
Wakefield Wah Wah Records
Walsall Eclipse Records
Watford The LP Café
Wimborne Square Records
Winchester Elephant Independent Record Shop

You can also order online from Buzzsaw Records, Norman Records and Juno Records.

If your local shop isn't listed here then asked them to order a copy of the LP from Cargo Records UK! Or tell them to approach Gringo direct!

In the US the album will be released on 30th August.Red Eye are distributing and you can pre-order from Bull Moose, Waterloo Records, and Electric Fetus.

International Distribution
Australia - Rocket
Benelux - Suburban
Canada - F.A.B.
Finland - Supersounds
France - Differ-ant
Germany - Cargo Records
Italy - Goodfellas
Spain - Popstock
New Zealand - Southbound
Scandinavia - Border
United States - Red Eye and Forced Exposure. Pre-order from Bull Moose, Waterloo Records, Electric Fetus.


  1. Hydropona
  2. Piss Trangressor
  3. Ghost In Your Own Life
  4. Capable Man
  5. Tail To Teeth
  6. Tory Nurse
  7. Breathing In, Breathing Out
  8. Kernels Of Eyes
  9. The Nag
  10. Glugs
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