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GRINGO is a record label based in Nottingham, now over 20 years of age, still hopped up on DIY and in too deep to stop. It is too late at night for me to try and explain what the concept of DIY means to me, but catch me after too many pale ales and I’ll go off on one. Of course, at the heart of all good music is LOVE. If you believe in love, please invest some of your hard-earned in our music.

We have released records by Bilge Pump, Broken Arm, Clambake, Cold Pumas, Designer Babies, Electro Group, Empire-Builder, Erase Errata, Eska, Fists, Grey Hairs, Hey Colossus, Hirameka Hi-Fi, Hookworms, I Am Spartacus, I'm Being Good, Jutland Songs, Kill Yourself, Kogumaza, Lando, Lords, New Radiant Storm King, Ox Scapula, Part Chimp, Polaris, Red Monkey, Reynolds, Sailors, San Lorenzo, Sauna Youth, Seachange, Spin Spin the Dogs, Soeza, Souvaris, Sweet Williams, Teebo, That Fucking Tank, The Intima, The Unit Ama, The Van Pelt, The Wharves, Thick Syrup, Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!, Todd, Vision Fortune, Wolves! (of Greece)

Gringo Records
22 Rufford Road