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Broken Arm

Broken Arm are a punk group from Leeds, deepest, darkest West Yorkshire. The question is, what kind of punk group? Or indeed, what kind of punks? There are many. It's confusing. Although they have short hair and are known to wear check shirts, they have no affinity with straight edge. Although they like dogs and lager, they don't appear to be crusties either. It might well be that they are four fairly anonymous individuals who occasionally crawl out from under their respective rocks and meet up on a Friday night to play an aggressive mixture of garage rock and uncouth 80s-style noise rock in a way that sounds... not quite like any other group.

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BROKEN ARM - "Life Is Short" LP

15/09/2014 · Gringo Records / Art Is Blind · WAAT054/AFB038

Broken Arm's debut full length is an exercise in grooving noise rock, filth and disillusionment. They have the perfect knack for writing a catchy post punk tune and smearing a healthy amount of dirt all over it. Once described by the band themselves as agro-party punk, Broken Arm’s sound is frequently compared to that of various US hardcore punk bands, primarily from the rosters of AMRep, Touch and Go and SST Records. “Life is Short” sees them flit effortlessly between their two distinct musical personalities, the catchy and scrappy noise rock band and their more reflective and at times dirge ridden side, sometimes within the confines of a single song.

BROKEN ARM - "Negative EP"

23/05/2011 · Gringo Records · WAAT043