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Order Of The Toad

Glasgow trio Order of the Toad are making music which sounds quite unlike anything else around at the moment.

We’ll be releasing their second album (Re-Order of the Toad) in 2020 as a co-release with Reckless Yes and to give you an idea of what to expect check out how Monorail Music described the band: “Melodically, Order of the Toad have something of a medieval fixation, filtered through late 60s influences which end up sounding something like Jefferson Airplane – not least in vocalist Gemma “The Wharves” Fleet’s powerful lung-force – mixed with British psyche heat.. think Kaleidoscope or even Syd Barrett drug-damaged whimsy. There’s no other band doing this in the U.K. that we know of, a musically rich tapestry woven from strands outside current trends.”

You can find Order of the Toad on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Spotify and other digital platforms. You can find Reckless Yes here. For press enquiries contact

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