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PART CHIMP - "You Decide / Big Bird" WAAT042

Pressing Information

Brand spanking new Part Chimp recordings recorded at Dropout in late August 2010. Put to wax in time for their autumn tour of European cities.

Having supported their three previous studio albums – Chart Pimp (2003) and I Am Come (2005), Thriller (2009) – with extensive, worldwide touring through Japan, North America and Europe, Part Chimp are gearing up to do the same to support a vinyl release of Thriller and the new Gringo 7” in 2010.

Signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action label, the Camberwell crew stand to impress fans of everyone from Black Sabbath and MC5 to TAD, Sonic Youth, The Melvins and Harvey Milk with their suffocating but liberating vibe that sounds brain-shakingly loud regardless where the volume dial is turned on your stereo.

Imagine a primordial swamp of pre-grunge British noise / rock, when Britain pre-empted grunge…believe it, it is true…flannel shirts? Pah….we’re talking skinny faded black jeans with knees worn out, grubby t-shirts with crap sloganeering, and knackered shitkicking boots….

A band with a definite history, Part Chimp were formed following the dissolution of cult underground rockers Ligament by vocalist and guitarist Tim Cedar and drummer John Hamilton adding Iain Hinchliffe, purloined from legendary jock noise outfit Sawyer. Since their inception in 2000, the Chimp have built up a reputation as a formidable live act, blowing audiences away with a mix of sonic belligerence and unashamed rock ‘n’ roll showmanship.

Recorded and mixed by Tim Cedar at Dropout Studios, Camberwell.
Artwork by Chris Summerlin.

Pressing Information
500 copies on 7" vinyl. Screen printed sleeves on high quality board. Comes with digital download.

International Distribution
Australia - Rocket
Benelux - Suburban
Canada - F.A.B.
Finland - Supersounds
France - Differ-ant
Germany - Cargo Records
Italy - Goodfellas
Spain - Popstock
New Zealand - Southbound
Scandinavia - Border
United States - Red Eye and Forced Exposure


  1. You Decide
  2. Big Bird
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