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VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Oh Yeah! A Gringo Records Sampler" WAAT030

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15 tracks from the Gringo family, many of them previously unreleased!

Artwork by Chris Summerlin.

Pressing Information
2000 CDs in card sleeves.


  1. I Shook The Royal Throne
  2. Make It
  3. You Go Hugo
  4. Kissing
  5. Behind the Unicorn
  6. How The Mind Works
  7. Grohl
  8. If You Don't Quit Your Bitchin (I'm Gonna Leave)
  9. Invent The Fortune
  10. Hey! I Look Good In Jeans
  11. The Imperfect Approach
  12. How The Mighty Have Stagnated
  13. Tension Halved
  14. Birthday Kisses
  15. Budda