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SOE'ZA - "Why Do You Do?" WAAT024

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Why Do You Do?’ is the second album from Soeza, and their first for Gringo Records.

The band formed in 1996, and have honed their sound over the course of two well received EPs (one for the X-Mist label of Germany), a debut album ‘Founded by Sportsmen and Outlaws’ (2001) on French label Prohibited Records, and countless live shows with everyone from Q And Not U to The Fall to Sweep The Leg Johnny.

The members of Soeza are from various parts of the south west of England, but for the last few years have been focused around the city of Bristol. The band is part of the wider 'Pull the Strings' collective; an artists' platform organised primarily to bring together like-minded people, concerned with interesting music and energetic ideas.

On ‘Why Do You Do?’ Soeza consolidate their unique blend of post-hardcore, mixing Can-esque grooves, and urgent guitars with two disparate yet complimentary singers in the shape of Ben Owen’s clear-voiced declarations and Jenny Robinson’s soulful melodies. The band twist this template in every conceivable direction, with French horn rounding out subtle modulations of mood.

The Soeza sound? Eminently danceable, lyrically fascinating, melodically charming, hard rocking in an angular yet graceful fashion.

The resulting collection of songs is varied in tone and temperament, from the crushing bombast of opener “Brackish Waters”, the eerie poise of “Downscale”, to the spiralling “Prince The Boat”. “Genuflect” recalls June Of 44, Fugazi and Deerhoof at their most joyous, all in one song.

Recorded by Behemoth in BS3 and SN1.
Artwork arranged by Ben Owen and layout by De/Be.

Pressing Information
1000 CDs.

International Distribution
Australia - Rocket
Benelux - Suburban
Canada - F.A.B.
Finland - Supersounds
France - Differ-ant
Germany - Cargo Records
Italy - Goodfellas
Spain - Popstock
New Zealand - Southbound
Scandinavia - Border
United States - Red Eye and Forced Exposure


  1. Brackish Waters
  2. Jack Jones
  3. Downscale
  4. Make it
  5. Prince the Boat
  6. They Glow At Night
  7. Genuflect
  8. Length of Rivers
  9. Wounded Hounds And Their Treatment