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SAN LORENZO - "Nothing New Ever Works" WAAT009

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A testament to regional music from Sabbath country. San Lorenzo grew up by the wayside, and thank L.Ron Hubbard for the uninhibited self-belief it gave them. Comparisons capture the spirit but sell our Midland heroes short. Still, Shakespeare I ain’t. Thrift-store electro opener “Jun” is a “Blue Monday” for people sick of drugs, and kicks off a selection of tunes which take in the freeform narrative folk of “My History is Valid”, the precise rage of “Life Without Mountains”, the smile and blush boy/girl ache of “Tension Halved”, the searing “Julie James” and the frankly Sabbatical “Dead Amps”. San Lorenzo are big in Argentina and many attribute the new-found friendships of our two countries to their gunboat diplomacy.

Recorded by Phill Rodgers using Place Position mobile studio, except 2,6,8 and 11 recorded at Icehouse by Martin and 9 recorded at Millway Rd, Andover.
Mixed by Phill Rodgers.
Mastered at Transfermation by Noel Somerville.
Design and photpgraphy by Chris Summerlin.

Pressing Information
500 copies on 12" black vinyl.
1000 copies on CD.

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