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REYNOLDS - Field Recordings WAAT010

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Painstakingly self-recorded for an ex- quisitely precise listening experience, this album captures Reynolds on the cusp of a transformation from melodic vocal hardcore to an instrumental trio obsessed with technology. Tracks like “Humble Pie” and “Friday Bridge To March” embody all that’s best about the fraught battle of wills between Matt Tagney’s impassioned vocals and the sinuous backing of the band. The voice and the instruments dare each other on to greater heights in a frenzy that leaves the listener (and no doubt the band members!) sweaty palmed and breathless.

Recorded and mixed by Reynolds using Place Position mobile studio. Phill Rodgers engineered the recordings and Kenny Macleod mastered them.
Design and photography by Chris Summerlin.

Pressing Information
1000 CDs.

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