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KOGUMAZA - "Kogumaza" LP LP043

Here's something to get all giddy about. After releasing a couple of fantastic 7"s (one on Low Point, the other on Lancashire And Somerset) Kogumaza go big with their debut LP. Hailing from Nottingham and featuring members of groups such as Bob Tilton, Lords, Felix, Little Girl With Cherries and the offensively underrated Wolves (Of Greece), Kogumaza are a titanic beast of three piece (four if you include secret weapon/sound-man Mark Spivey) that forge an almighty psychedelic sludge from just two guitars and cleverly effected drums. Live they are one of the loudest and most engaging groups currently trailing the country in search of a listener. Echoes of cyclical percussion and dense layers of pummeling riffage have the ability to send the listener into a highly effective lull with heads and bodies swaying slowly and hypnotically to their primitive ethereal rhythms. On record Kogumaza spread their legs, take time to relax and experiment with the possibilities. Their self titled debut features a number of tracks I've heard performed before sewn together with a patch work of experimental, electronic and Avant-garde studio experiments. All add texture and atmosphere to the finished product whilst providing the group with the chance to try things that aren't physically possible in the live arena. The additional of bubbling synth experiments on opener Cosmonaut are particularly enjoyable. A very effective experiment in merging the dense and unforgiving riffs of rock with the peaceful tranquility of ambient music. Think Bardo Pond, Earth (both old and new), Neil Young and Neu! all rolled up into one.

Pressing Information

Limited edition vinyl LP packaged in a full colour matt sleeve. Pressed at Record Industry in the Netherlands for optimum sound quality.