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A right good split here. Wooderson have moved on some what from their demo, this is a lot harder to get a handle on (I assume it's not the same songs, I am going to look well stupid if they are). Anyway, this is some intriguing stuff, "Audacious Day" is all helter skelter riffing and slightly unhinged vocals, it comes off sounding I guess a bit like if a Dischord band was on Gravity. I hope that helps. They have some hefty, grooving parts and seem to be enjoying the racket that they have concocted. It really makes a change to hear a UK band doing something wildly different from their peers (either that, or I've simply not heard their peers). The second song "Janet Bruce" is a corker too, driving along, chock full of energy and ideas. The powered up chorus is killer, and there are plenty of spoken vocals on this one which is aces, although to be honest guy is no Chris Leo. In a word: Belting.

Ox Scapula math it up on the split to great effect. On "The Man" they deal in insistent repetition and distant shouty vocals that really go well with this kind of music, which is some cool sounding shit not at all unlike Griver and Hoover. "Suspended Letter" is a whole lot moodier and broodier, bringing the vocals to the fore whilst the guitars twinkle and rumble before they jack up the noise and tension, and it's really reminding me of mother fucking Giants Chair, especially when the vocals get a bit out of hand. Sweet as a nut! Two really good tracks here.

This is a quality split release, and I urge you to investigate if somehow you like the sound of what I have poorly described above over two disjointed paragraphs.

Review by Andy Malcolm at Collective Zine

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