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SAN LORENZO - "Sports Biscuits" 7"

Damn, I’ve had this ages, but only realised I hadn’t done a review when Owen from the band got in touch and asked if he could send a copy to me for review. Oops! Here’s rectifying that oversight.

Two tracks from these fellows (who ought to come and play Norwich some time, hint hint), and they seem to be more in line with the material that came out prior to the LP, or maybe that’s me being weird. “Sports Biscuits” (quite) is a long, meandering, mainly instrumental piece. A lovely warm bass sound, and twinkling, lazy guitars combine to set the mood. And they wander their merry way through the track, breaking things up with a sudden burst of excited noise a couple of times. And just when you think it’s finishing, it changes direction and brings in the boy+girl vocals. Sweetness.

“Giant’s Heart” sits on the B. Classy way to kick off the track, spoken vocals (with super emo lyrics!) intoning over mellowed out twinkles… before the song proper begins… picking up pace gradually… like the tide coming in. This song is fantastic, one of my favourites that San Lorenzo have come up with so far.

So it’s good stuff, doing new things with the Aerial M type sound. And the recording is spot on too (Quality vinyl). Yay!

Review by Andy Malcolm at Collective Zine