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Another trans-atlantic split 7″ from We-Be Records, this time featuring, from the UK, Lords, and from Canada, Black Feelings.

Lords are one of the premier rock units from the UK, and put the majority of our friends across the pond to shame. They should be as popular as eating and thinking combined. They have released two awesome albums on the Gringo label, have shared stages with Shellac, The Groundhogs (THE GROUNDHOGS!!!), Part Chimp, Dead Meadow, Bilge Pump and many many more.

Black Feelings are from Montreal. They are a 3-piece, playing what can only be described mind-melting-psychedelic-kraut-groove. They’ve just completed their first tour of the US and continue to play Canadian shows.


  1. Lords – Space and Death Recipe
  2. Black Feelings – Lost Rings Pt. 1

Pressing Information

Split 7″ pressed on heavy burgundy vinyl

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