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HOOKWORMS - "Pearl Mystic" WAAT051

The repress of LPs and CDs are now here. We have VERY limited quantities to sell through the shop, so be quick!

Pressing Information

4000 CD digipacks
3000 LPs pressed on heavy vinyl, sleeve printed on the reverse of board with screen printed insert. Comes with digital download. Please note these LPs are not limited in the sense that if we run out, we will press more as long as we can afford to! There is no difference between the first pressing of 1000 and the subsequent pressings, other than the band packed the first pressing themselves!


  1. Away Towards
  2. Form & Function
  3. i
  4. In Our Time
  5. Since We Have Changed
  6. Preservation
  7. ii
  8. What We Talk About
  9. iii