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VISION FORTUNE - "Mas Fiestas con el Grupo" WAAT053

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune is an album borne out of desperate economic uncertainty, loosely based on John Kay’s infamous ‘Parable of the Ox’ – itself a thinly veiled allegory for unbridled capitalism. The album represents the tragic life and death of the aforementioned ox, whose weight is solely determined by the aggregated ‘wisdom of the crowd’. The music contained within embodies both the self-interested nature of hysterical spectators, and the agonising sense of culpability following the animal’s eventual demise.

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune is Vision Fortune’s first long player and hears the band settling in to their droning, repetition based repeater punk over two sides of wax. Although their battering strobe light that features in their crushing live show isn’t literally in your front room as you listen to the record, it’s certainly there in spirit as the band expertly guide us through 8 tracks of hulking riffs, drawn out drones, ethereal vocals and cyclical drum patterns.

Pressing Information

First edition of 300 180g black vinyl. 2nd Edition of 300 180g black vinyl has a different label.

High gloss printed sleeve with spine and black paper inner-bag. With download code (lossless).

Co-released with Faux Discx.

Recording and artwork by Vision Fortune
Mixed by MJ at Suburban Home and Vision Fortune
Mastered by Joe Caithness


  1. 02 XX
  2. 01 XXII
  3. 03 XIX
  4. 04 XVII
  5. 06 XIV
  6. 05 XVI
  7. 07 XV
  8. 08 XIII