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'My favourite album of 2015 so far.' - Jonny Trunk, Resonance 104.4FM
'Cracking stuff. Guy Bartell is a genius.' - Andrew Male, Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone, BBC 6Music'
'A very fine and accomplished thing. Five Stars' - Record Collector
A beautifully realised soundtrack.' - Norman Records

Turksib is the fourth long player from Bristol-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell, AKA Bronnt Industries Kapital. The album marks Bronnt’s first full length release since 2009’s Hard For Justice (released on Berlin’s Get Physical Records), praised as a “pumped up and muscle-shirted Eurodisco epic” by The Wire.

Turksib is taken from Bartell’s soundtrack to the acclaimed Russian film of the same name (1929, dir. Viktor Turin), commissioned by the British Film Institute and released as the centrepiece of The Soviet Influence: From Turksib to Nightmail, a collection of films looking at the influence of Soviet propaganda on British filmmaking.

Turksib explores the clash of man, nature and machine in the building of the massive Siberia - Turkestan railway (one of the great achievements of the first Soviet Five Year Plan) through one of the most inhospitable deserts in the world, and is a picture of the civilisation of man versus the savagery of stark nature. Bronnt’s soundtrack takes a similarly epic sonic journey, pitching the metrical, electrical roar of industrialisation against the primitive folk drones and interwoven melodies of the natural order.

All tracks written, performed and produced by Guy Bartell.
Additional psaltery on 'High Above The Thirsting Fields' and guitar on 'Forward The Machines' performed by Stephen Kerrison.

This album is comprised of music composed for the soundtrack to 'Turksib' from 'The Soviet Influence: From Turksib to Night Mail' released by the British Film Institute.

Mastering by Mark Spivey
Sleeve and artwork by Ben Newman

Double coloured 12" vinyl with full colour sleeve by Ben Newman. Disc 1 - White, Disc 2 - Red