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WHITEFINGER - 18 Minutes Under Sneinton OWN004

'18 Minutes Under Sneinton’ is drenched in sweat, a relentless live recording made on a Sunday afternoon in July on what felt like the hottest day of the year. You can feel the heat coming from the tape.

White Finger formed in 2012 with the shared love of smashing the shit out of equipment, a severe lack of professionalism and a hatred of guitar solos.
They are 4/5ths hairy faced, play loud, angry, shouty noise-punk and are a Nottingham supergroup featuring members of Guilty Parents, Punish The Atom and Bus Stop Madonnas.
They hope to never play for longer than 20 minutes
They’re stupid, drunk, poor, usually late and they want blood.
They are pissed off with everything and want two things from the world: Total disappointment and total destruction.

They are half way there.