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PICORE - Si No Olvido Bien RLP48

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Stirred by hope, disenchantment, contempt. Combing through the habitual exalted acclaim, competition and ambition of postmodernism. Picore has plunged into a constellation of assumptions and possibilities in the band’s fifth studio album. Assumptions and possibilities, all of which are political, poetic, conceptual and, above all, musical. 'Si no olvido bien' is articulated by exquisite rhythm patterns, whose roots stem from beyond the world of rock, in a bold spectrum of harmonic voltages.

The five-piece band from Zaragoza – Thomas House lives in Brighton - is one of most crushing combos on the Spanish music scene. With their last two albums, Picore’s aversion to ‘the comfort zone’ has pushed them into a rarely frequented basement, far away from more familiar ‘alternative’ sounds. With their noconcessions approach, they have paved their own way, composing wonderfully complex and cagey songs that are intentionally riddled with bullet holes so as to be able to breathe.

As with their other albums, the seven tracks included in 'Si no olvido bien' don’t take the listener to be an idiot: A difficult undertaking when questioning the angles, bends and folds that make up our system of beliefs. What to do with so much cardboard packaging?