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TENSE MEN - Where Dull Care Is Forgotten FAUX028

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The claustrophobic, miasmic world of Tense Men is a world of scuttling shapes, deformed shadows and rigid, repetitive rhythms. The world of Tense Men has a low ceiling, the walls are wooden, rotting in places and badly varnished. The world of Tense Men is clammy to the touch. Eyes twitch, ears ring. Ears burn, eyes sting. The world of Tense Men is dripping all over your mouldy living room carpet. Reptilian tongues darting in and out tasting the dank air. Human forms jerking awkwardly to a record skipping in a locked, sweaty room. Shrieking voices. Murmuring whispers. Telling you things you don’t want to know over and over again, you listen because you aren’t sure if you’re really hearing it or not. You are! Aren’t you?

Tense Men was two and is now three men, varying in tension, height and origination. These men also exist within other entities, namely Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas and Omi Palone, amongst others. It began in the bleak Autumn of 2010 and has henceforth been peddling its suspect wares back and forth, here and there. Prior to Where Dull Care is Forgotten, there was an unnamed cassette on Casenove Tapes.

Recorded by Mark Jasper at Sound Savers, June 2013
Mastered by Kris Lapke
Artwork by Richard Phoenix and Oliver Fisher

Released by Faux Discx on 180g black vinyl with a risograph printed insert. Edition of 300 copies. Comes with digital download code.