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On ace Chicago based label Trouble In Mind. here’s what they have to say about the release:

After recording and releasing the eponymous The Soft Walls album in 2012, Faux Discx head honcho and Cold Pumas member Dan Reeves set to work again, this time with a borrowed 8-track and a vision of composing a suite of thematically interlaced tunes, resulting in his Trouble In Mind debut, No Time.

No Time’s ten songs are meditations on the passing of time itself and the preconceived notions (both external and internal) of what you can and should be doing with it. No Time‘s lyrics touch on a universal fear held by many young people heading north of their Twenties; what am I doing, and will I have enough time to do it? Reeves spent many hours writing and re-writing the album’s tunes at home and in his rehearsal space in Brighton before hitting “record” and it shows. While his debut was constructed ‘as-it-happened’ and recorded directly into his computer, No Time‘s deliberate songcraft proves just how far he’s come as a tunesmith, seamlessly aligning his pop smarts with avant-leaning psychedelic drones and a propulsive, rhythmic drive. Dreamy guitar ragas like the opening track “Won’t Remember My Name” ebb and flow seamlessly into motorik head-boppers like “Never Come Back Again” and “All The Same”, whilst pop tunes “Guided Through” and No Time shimmer enticingly through a foggy haze.

Written, performed and recorded by Dan Reeves, at home and at The Bridge, Brighton, January-December 2013.
Mixing and additional production by MJ at Suburban Home, Leeds, January 2014.
Mastered by Joel Caithness at Subsequent Mastering.
Artwork & photography by Dan Reeves.