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Stuart Warwick - The Butcher's Voice FAUX020

Densely layered and rich, playful and dark, 'The Butcher's Voice' is a collection of 11 elegant compositions; a heady mix of bittersweet lost-love songs and Warwick’s darkly comic lyrical wit.
released February 20, 2013

Songs written by Stuart Warwick
Produced by Aidan O'Brien and Stuart Warwick
Mixed and Mastered by Joe Rubel

Guest vocals on track 6 - Lawry Joseph Tilbury III
Additional vocals on 5/10/11 - Josie Lloyd
Cello on 1/2/3/4/9/10 - Martin Radford
Double Bass on 1/3/5/8/10/11 - Sam Ryan
Drums on 1/2/6/7 - Steve Barnegren

Artwork - Stuart Warwick and Daniel Reeves