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SWEET WILLIAMS - That What You Hit WSR002

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808 bounce, cyclical guitar, raw vocal. Repeato personal jams from the Zaragoza based Sweet Williams on his fourth album. So pleased this is the second release on the label. His last album was released by Gringo Records, 12 months ago.

Here's some words from SW:

"I wrote the album while sleeping on a friend’s floor for a week at the end of last year. I used a load of beats I’d programmed into my phone over the last couple of years. The phone was fucked and about to die. I wrote about fifty tunes. One of them that almost made it on to the record is about getting the washing in.

I worked on it after that at my in-laws’ in France. In their garage with a noisy old paraffin heater. When I listen to it now, I can smell the paraffin. I finished it here in Zaragoza. So, in the future it will remind me of Vera Picante, this wicked chilli powder I’ve been cooking with here. Smoky

I reckon it shows how much I like the early Sisters Of Mercy singles. But I was thinking more about rap and house music at the time. And Madonna.

Yeah, it’s personal, but not too personal. Some of it’s quite funny"

Pressing Information:
Vinyl. Limited to 100. Includes download.

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