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Discharge 'In The Cold Night - Toronto 1983' LP white (Back On Black) £19

Neil Young & The Bluenotes 'New York, New York' 2LP (Parachute) £20

Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie 'The Classic Collaborations' 2LP (Parachute) £20

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'Talk About The Weather' LP white (Audioplatter) £19

Renegades Of Jazz 'Moto Moto / Zebra Talk' 7” (Matasuna ) £9.5

Siouxsie & The Banshees 'Paradise In San Francisco, California Hall, 26th November 1980 Fm Broadcast' LP (Dear Boss) £16.5


Abby Lincoln 'Abbey Is Blue' LP (Craft Recordings) £26

Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers 'Ugetsu' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Bernard Lavilliers 'Metamorphose' 2LP/2CD (Blue Wrasse) £21

David Bowie '7” Laughing with Liza (Reissue)' 5x7” box (x5 boxset) (Decca) £50.5

Dub Syndicate 'Fear Of A Green Planet' 2LP+CD (Echo Beach) £37.5

Electric Sun (Uli Jon Roth) 'Earthquake' LP/CD (Alpha Experium) £25.5

Faith Healer 'The Hand That Fits The Glove' LP (Mint) £16

Gnaw Their Tongues 'Cessation Of Suffering' LP grey (Consouling Sounds) £23.5

Gnaw Their Tongues 'Cessation Of Suffering' LP/CD (Consouling Sounds) £23.5

Groundhogs 'Live In Copenhagen 1971' CD (London Calling) £12

Holger Hiller 'Ein Bundel Faulnis In Der Grube' LP/CD (Bureau B) £24

Impetus Group 'Density Dots' CD (Klanggalerie) £12

Jane Birkin 'Oh! Pardon Tu Dormais - Live' 2LP/2CD+DVD (Blue Wrasse) £24.5

Jezz Woodroffe 'Wonders Of The Underwater World' LP (Trunk) £23.5

John Coltrane 'Afro Blue Impressions' LP (Craft Recordings) £24

John Lee Hooker 'Boogie Chillen’ Limited 75th Anniversary 45 Edition' 7” (Ace) £12.5

Juan Manuel Cidron 'SLG3' 2LP (Geometrik) £28.5

Max Champion 'Mr. Joe Jackson Presents Max Champion In What a Racket!' CD (earMusic) £14

Miles Davis 'Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Philip Sanderson 'Underneath The Underneath' CD (Klanggalerie) £12

Ringo Starr 'Old Wave' LP yellow submarine (L.M.L.R.) £22

Ringo Starr 'Stop & Smell The Roses' LP yellow submarine (L.M.L.R.) £22

Roky Erickson 'All That May Do My Rhyme' LP white (Play Loud) £24.5

Sleepbomb 'The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari' CD (Consouling Sounds) £13

Sven Wunder 'Eastern Flowers' LP (Piano Piano) £23.5

The Fall 'Grotesque =After The Gramme=' LP col (Music On Vinyl) £25

The Miles Davis Quintet 'Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Togo All Stars 'Spirits' LP (Excelsior Recordings) £24.5

Various Artists 'Allen Ginsberg's The Fall Of America Vol II' LP/CD (Allen Ginsberg) £24.5

Various Artists 'Bristol Punk Explosion 1977-1979' LP (Bristol Archive) £19.5

Various Artists 'Stax Christmas' LP (Craft Recordings) £24


Amplifier 'Amplifier' 4CD (Rockosmos) £18.5

Arone Dyer & Stargaze 'arone x s t a r g a z e' LP (Transgressive) £18

Avenged Sevenfold 'City of Evil' 2LP red & white swirl (Hopeless) £24.5

Ben Böhmer 'One Last Call' 12” (Ninja Tune) £12

Bjørkø 'Bjørkø' LP/CD (Svart) £20

Bjørkø 'Bjørkø Ltd' LP blue (Svart) £21.5

Black Sabbath 'Hand of Doom' 8LP (Sanctuary) £237.5

Bobby Keys 'Lover's Rockin - The Lost Album' LP/CD (Le Chant du Monde) £19

Born to Lose 'Born to Lose' LP red (Svart) £26

Cashmere Cat 'Wedding Bells' 12” 2023 clear (Luckyme®) £14

Cobra Spell 'Cobra Spell' LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £23.5

Daði Freyr 'Daði Freyr' 10” (Samlist) £17

Dusk 'Wheels Of Twilight' LP white/CD (Argonauta) £19

Erik Nervous 'Immaturity' LP (FatCat) £18

Etta James / Taj Mahal 'The Earthquake Relief Concert 1989' CD (Cadiz - Equinox) £11.5

Fat Tony 'Smart Ass Black Boy: Redux' LP opaque red (Partisan) £17

Fela Kuti 'Box Set #6 Curated By Idris Elba' 7LP box (Knitting Factory) £83.5

Five Finger Death Punch 'Five Finger Death Punch' 6LP black, silver & gold (Better Noise Music) £88.5

Freddy Deboe 'Lora Blu / Lost At Sea' 7” (D-BO/Daptone) £8

Full of Hell & Nothing 'Full of Hell & Nothing' LP indies cream (Closed Casket Activities) £19

Full of Hell & Nothing 'Full of Hell & Nothing' LP metallic gold/CD+DVD (Closed Casket Activities) £19

George Riley 'Un/Limited Love' 12”blue (Ninja Tune) £13.5

Harp 'Albion' LP/CD (Bella Union) £18

Hector Tellez Jr. 'Hector Tellez Jr.' LP/CD (Mono Mundo Recordings) £18.5

Johnny Ruiz And The Escapers 'Sorry/Prettiest Girl' 7” (Penrose) £8

Junior Scaife 'When My Heart Beats b/w Moment To Moment' 7” (Penrose) £8

Khruangbin 'Live at Sydney Opera House' 2LP (Dead Oceans) £25.5

Lucero 'That Much Further West (20th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Liberty & Lament) £20.5

Masahiro Ikumi and Yuji Yoshio 'Perfect Blue' 2LP deluxe audiophile (Tiger Lab) £38

Mercenary 'Mercenary' CD (NoiseArt) £13

Mojave Phone Booth 'Hollow the Numbers' 2LP/2CD (Label 51) £22

Muriel Grossmann 'Muriel Grossmann' 2LP orange & silver (Third Man) £22

Muriel Grossmann 'Muriel Grossmann' 2LP/2CD (Third Man) £22

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis 'Nick Cave & Warren Ellis' LP (Goliath Limited) £18.5

Noema 'One' LP (The Magic Movement) £20.5

Oro 'Oro' LP/CD (Hammerheart) £23.5

Orphaned Land 'Orphaned Land' 2LP/CD+DVD (Century Media) £33

Pejzaż 'List II' LP (The Very Polish Cut Outs) £24.5

Pete Warner 'Pete Warner' 7” (Expansion) £13

Plastikman 'Sheet One' 2LP biovinyl (NovaMute) £20

Ravi Shankar 'Ragas & Improvisations 1956-1962' 2CD (Fremeaux & Associes) £20.5

Saosin 'Saosin' 12” pic disc (Born Losers) £22

Shplang 'Shplang' CD (Big Stir) £10.5

Silverstein 'Rescue' LP yellow (Hopeless) £21

SiM 'SiM' CD (UNFD) £12

Stand Atlantic 'f.e.a.r.' LP orange (Hopeless) £21

Stereolab 'Aluminum Tunes [Switched On Volume 3]' 3LP (Duophonic) £23

The Brit Funk Association 'The Brit Funk Association' CD (Expansion) £13

The Yuletime Lifters 'Time For Love / Instrumental' 7” (Daptone) £8

Toxic Holocaust 'Toxic Holocaust' LP milky clear w/ black, white & grey splatter (Relapse) £18.5

Toxic Holocaust 'Toxic Holocaust' LP swamp green & olive green merge w/ neon yellow, highlighter yellow & canary yellow splatter (Relapse) £18.5

Various Artists 'Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana' 2LP (Numero Group) £24.5

Various Artists 'Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana' 2LP opaque blue & white swirl (Numero Group) £25.5

Various Artists '20 Years Of Phonica' 3CD (Nacional) £13.5

X-Press 2 feat. Kele Okereke 'Phasing You Out (David Holmes remix)' 12” (Acid Jazz UK) £12

Youth Brigade 'Sound & Fury' LP yellow (Trust) £30.5

Zach Russell 'Zach Russell' LP/CD (Carlboro) £18.5


Atreyu 'The Beautiful Dark of Life' 2LP red, teal & yellow swirl/CD (Spinefarm) £25.5

Atreyu 'The Beautiful Dark of Life' 2LP glow in the dark clear (Spinefarm) £28.5

Big Thief 'Masterpiece' LP/CD (4AD) £20

Big Thief 'Masterpiece' LP eco (4AD) £21

Big Thief 'Masterpiece (2023 Remaster)' LP/CD (4AD) £20

Big Thief 'Masterpiece (2023 Remaster)' LP indies eco (4AD) £21

Bloodsin 'Extinction Complete' CD (DOC) £9

Boygenius 'Boygenius (5th Anniversary Revisionist History Edition)' 12” opaque yellow (Matador) £15

Brigitte Calls Me Baby 'This House is Made of Corners' 12” pink (ATO (UK)) £14

C-Clamp 'Dream Backwards' 3LP (Numero Group) £34

C-Clamp 'Dream Backwards' 3LP blue & white splatter (Numero Group) £37

Car Seat Headrest 'Faces From The Masquerade' 2LP (Matador) £27

Cymande 'Second Time Round' LP transparent green (Partisan) £18

DJ Rashad 'Double Cup (10 Year Anniversary)' 2LP gold (Partisan) £20

James Elkington 'Me Neither' 2LP/CD (No Quarter) £27

Joanna Brouk 'Sounds of The Sea' LP (Numero Group) £17

Joanna Brouk 'Sounds of The Sea' LP sea blue (Numero Group) £18

Loveshadow 'II' LP (Dark Entries) £24.5

Mono 'You Are There' 2LP/CD (Temporary Residence Ltd) £28

Neil Young 'Before and After' BluRay (Reprise) £20.5

Neil Young 'Before and After' LP/CD (Reprise) £28

Orbiter 'Hollow World' LP grey/CD (Argonauta) £19

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom 'Reset in Dub' CD (Domino) £9

Philip Selway & Elysian Collective & Chris Vatalaro 'Live at Evolution Studios' LP (Bella Union UK) £20

Pink Floyd 'Atom Heart Mother Hakone' BluRay (Pink Floyd Music Ltd.(2016)) £39.5

Redskins 'Neither Washington Nor Moscow' LP/4CD box (London) £21

Redskins 'These Furious Flames! Redskins Live! 1985-86' 2LP/2CD (London) £24

Siobhan Donaghy 'Revolution in Me' LP mint green/2CD (London) £21.5

Testament 'Dark Roots of Earth' 2LP clear gold green splatter (Nuclear Blast) £29.5

The Lemonheads 'It’s A Shame About Ray (Classic Edition)' LP (Fire) £18.5

Throbbing Gristle 'Mutant TG' CD (NovaMute) £9

Urge Overkill 'Saturation (25th Anniversary Re-Issue)' LP yellow (Porterhouse) £22

Various Artists 'Snö' 2CD (Where Its At Is Where You Are) £18.5

Willie Dixon 'What Happened To My Blues' LP (Night Train International/ Tuff City) £18.5


Arms Length 'Never Before Seen, Never Again Found' LP blue, clear & white butterfly (Wax Bodega) £19

Arve Henriksen 'Strjon' CD (Rune Grammofon) £11.5

Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher) 'My Animal (OST)' LP red/CD (Nude Club) £20

Biosphere/Deathprod 'Nordheim Transformed' CD (Rune Grammofon) £11.5

Blue Orchids 'Magpie Heights' LP/CD (Tiny Global Productions) £18.5

Bobby Beausoleil 'Ghost Highway' LP (Sleepers) £19.5

Carly Cosgrove 'See You In Chemistry' LP half blue, half cream (Wax Bodega) £19

Cotton Jones 'The River Strumming' LP (Suicide Squeeze) £20.5

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 'Live Broadcasts 1969 - 1970' LP (1960s) £10.5

Equipment Pointed Anhk 'From Inside The House' LP (Bruit Direct Disques) £19.5

Eric Burdon & The New Animals 'BBC Radio Sessions 1967-1968' LP (1960s) £10.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” blue (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” green (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” pink (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” yellow (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Fugi 'Mary, Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip' LP (Funky Delicacies / Tuff City) £16

G.T. Moore & Goldmaster All Stars 'Individualism' 7” (Partial) £11

Grand Veymont 'Route Du Vertige' LP (Objet Disque) £19.5

Hi-Tek 'Beatbox Studios 2 (1996 MPC 60II)' LP (Hi-Tek Music) £23.5

Hit The Lights 'This Is A Stick Up.... Don't Make It A Murder' LP col (Wax Bodega) £20.5

Jacob Gurevitsch 'El Terreno' LP/CD (Music For Dreams) £22

Johnny Winter 'The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings)' 2CD (Omnivore Recordings, LLC) £19.5

Kayla Brown, The Glass Pyramids, John Johanas, Shuichi Kobori, Reo, Masatoshi Yanagi 'Hi-Fi Rush (OST)' 4LP (Laced) £79.5

Mac Demarco 'Some Other Ones' LP canary yellow (Captured Tracks) £23.5

Mom Jeans 'Sweet Tooth' LP pink galxy (Many Hats / Wax Bodega) £19

Paradise Lost 'Icon 30' CD (Paradise Lost ) £11

Peaness 'Kiss Me Sweet Pea / Sad Season' 7” (Totally Snick) £12

Reciprocate 'Soul To Burn' LP (Gringo) £17

Sandrider 'Aviary & Baleen' 7” (Alternative Tentacles) £12.5

Saul Adamczewski 'Limbo Notebooks' book (Morbid Books) £9

Simon & Garfunkel 'Sing Out Of Toronto & Haarlem: Live 1966' LP (1960s) £10.5

Slate 'Tabernacl / St Agatha' 7” (Brace Yourself) £9

Spacemen 3 'Forged Prescriptions' 2LP (Space Age Recordings) £24.5

Taste 'Radio and TV Broadcasts' LP (1960s) £10.5

The Faces 'Live at the Marquee 1970' LP (1960s) £10.5

The Spencer Davis Group 'At The BBC 1965' LP (1960s) £10.5

Unglee Izi 'The Wall of the Altar Star — Musique du Solitaire'' CD (Mirae Arts) £12

Various Artists 'Bayonetta (OST)' 4LP (Wayô) £80.5

Various Artists 'Big Crown Records presents Crown Jewels Vol. 3' LP (Big Crown) £20.5

Various Artists 'Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai' 2LP (Late Night Tales) £20.5

Wishy 'Paradise' MC (Winspear) £12

Wytch Hazel 'King Of Israel' 7” (Bad Omen) £12

X-Ray Spex 'Conscious Consumer' LP crystal clear (Do Yourself In) £23.5

X-Ray Spex 'Conscious Consumer' LP eco mix/CD (Do Yourself In) £23.5

Yelfris Valdes 'For The Ones… Remixed' LP (Musica Macondo) £12

Youmna Saba 'Wishah' LP (Ruptured) £22


GBH 'City Baby Attacked By Rats' CD (Captain Oi!) £10.5

The Sisters Of Mercy 'First And Last And Always In London' CD (Laser Media) £13


Ameli In The Woods 'Throw My Fears Into The River' LP (Meiosis) £24.5

John Mclaughlin & Larry Coryell 'Live Under The Sky… ‘80' LP (Live Under The Sky) £18.5

Purple Hearts 'Extraordinary Sensations - Studio And Live 1979-1986' 3CD (Cherry Red) £23.5

Swervedriver '99th Dream' 2LP red (Outer Battery) £19.5

The Long Ryders 'Native Sons' 3CD (Cherry Red) £23.5

Ultrasonic Grand Prix 'Instafuzz' LP/CD (Non Delux) £17

Various Artists 'Control I'm Here - Adventures On The Industrial Dancefloor 1983-1990' 3CD (Cherry Red) £23.5

Various Artists 'Pushin' Too Hard - American Garage Punk 1964-1967' 3CD (Strawberry) £23.5

Various Artists 'Strength Thru Oi!' LP col (Captain Oi!) £22


Kevin Ayers 'Joy Of A Toy (Remastered)' LP (Esoteric) £24.5

The Fall 'The Real New Fall LP (Formerley Country On The Click)' LP/5CD (Cherry Red) £22


Ulver 'Ulver - Grieghallen 20180528' 2LP/CD (House Of Mythology) £22

Ulver 'Ulver - Grieghallen 20180528' 2LP col revinyl (House Of Mythology) £23.5


Amaro Freitas 'Y'Y' LP/CD (Psychic Hotline) £22.5



Fomies 'Ominous Prominence' LP/CD (Taxi Gauche) £15.5

Prince Lincoln Thompson & The Royal Rasses Band 'Harder Na Rass' LP/CD (Burning Sounds) £15.5

Santaka, Manfredas, Marijus Aleksa 'Ramybė / Autoportretas' LP transparent white / smoke (The state51 Conspiracy) £19.5


Bruce Dickinson 'Afterglow Of Ragnarok' 7" gatefold w/ comic (BMG) £12.5

GNAC 'Estimating Green' CD (Vertical Features) £10.5

Smash Mouth 'Fush Yu Mang (Strawberry with Black Swirl Vinyl Edition)' LP (Real Gone) £32

The Donnas 'Get Skintight (Remastered Purple with Pink Swirl Vinyl Edition)' LP (Real Gone) £33

The Donnas 'Turn 21 (Remastered Blue Ice Queen Vinyl Edition)' LP (Real Gone) £33

The Focus Group 'Hey Let Loose Your Love' 10"/CD (Ghost Box) £17


Amon Düül 'Disaster (Lüüd Noma)' 2LP/CD (OHR) £26

Augustus Muller 'My Animal (Original Soundtrack)' LP col/CD (Nude Club) £20

Bob Marley 'Selassie Is The Chapel' 7" (Jad) £9

Chris Forsyth 'Solar Motel: Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition' 2LP (Algorithm Free) £32

Porcupine Tree 'Closure/Continuation Live' BluRay-DVD (Sony) £16

Six Organs Of Admittance 'Sleep Tones' 2LP (VDSQ) £41


Dean Wareham 'Live At St Pancras Old Church London December 2013' 2LP (Sonic Cathedral) £24.5

Photek 'Modus Operandi' 3LP (Proper) £39.5


Kreidler 'Twists (A Visitor Arrives)' LP/CD (Bureau B) £24

Kreidler 'Twists (A Visitor Arrives)' LP transparent (Bureau B) £24.5

Bureau B 'BB443LTD' 45303 (17.95) £25


Colin Newman 'Bastard' LP/2CD (swim ~) £17

Roberta Flack 'Lost Takes' 2LP (Arc) £24.5


Heavenly 'The Decline And Fall Of Heavenly' LP (Skep Wax) £18.5


Nadine Shah 'Filthy Underneath' LP/CD (EMI North) £21


Mary Timony 'Untame the Tiger' LP/CD (Merge) £20.5

Mary Timony 'Untame the Tiger' LP neon pink (Merge) £22

Posted on November 10th, 2023