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Aldous Harding 'Aldous Harding' LP (Flying Nun) £20

Amplifier 'Amplifier' 4CD (Rockosmos) £18.5

And Also The Trees 'Born Into The Waves' CD (AATT) £11

Andrew Weatherall / Nina Walsh / The Woodleigh Research Facility 'Phonox Nights' 2LP/CD (Facility 4) £21

Archie Shepp & Jason Moran 'Let My People Go' 2LP/CD (Archieball (Autra)) £22.5

Arone Dyer & Stargaze 'arone x s t a r g a z e' LP (Transgressive) £18

Atmosphere 'Talk Talk EP' 12” pink/CD EP (Rhymesayers Entertainment) £19

Atomçk 'Towering Failures' LP (SuperFi) £12

Avenged Sevenfold 'City of Evil' 2LP red & white swirl (Hopeless) £24.5

Bad Books 'Bad Books' 2LP eco mix (Many Hats / Wax Bodega) £19

Beans On Toast 'The Toothpaste and The Tube' LP/CD (BOT Music) £17

Ben Böhmer 'One Last Call' 12” (Ninja Tune) £12

Big Pun 'Capital Punishment 25th Anniversary' 2LP (Get On Down) £29.5

Bjørkø 'Bjørkø' LP/CD (Svart) £20

Bjørkø 'Bjørkø Ltd' LP blue (Svart) £21.5

Black Devil Disco Club 'Étincelles' LP (Lo Recordings) £21

Black Sabbath 'Hand Of Doom (Super Deluxe Picture Disc Box)' 8LP (Sanctuary) £237.5

Blk Odyssy 'Diamonds & Freaks' 2LP/CD (Sounds of Crenshaw / EMPIRE) £24.5

Bobby Darin 'Commitment' LP/CD (Direction) £21.5

Bobby Keys 'Lover's Rockin - The Lost Album' LP/CD (Le Chant du Monde) £19

Born to Lose 'Born to Lose' LP red (Svart) £26

Brian Eno 'The Ship' LP coke bottle green+eco packaging (UMR) £24

Bruce Dickinson 'Afterglow Of Ragnarok' 7" gatefold w/ comic (BMG) £12.5

Cashmere Cat 'Wedding Bells' 12” 2023 clear (Luckyme®) £14


Chet Baker 'Chet' LP 180g (Craft Recordings) £26

Chet Baker 'Chet Baker Plays The best OF Lerner & Loewe' LP 180g (Craft Recordings) £26

Chick Corea Elektric Band 'The Complete Studio Recordings 1986-1991' LP box (Candid) £149

Cobra Spell 'Cobra Spell' LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £23.5

Cro-Mags 'Alpha Omega' LP clear, black & red splatter (Rebellion) £17

Cro-Mags 'Near Death Experience' LP clear, black & purple splatter (Rebellion) £17

Currensy & Harry Fraud 'Vices' LP (SRFSCHL) £23.5

Czarface 'Czartificial Intelligence' LP (Silver Age) £18.5

Czarface 'Czartificial Intelligence' LP green (Silver Age) £19.5

D.O.C. 'No One Can Do It Better' LP (Get On Down) £23.5

Daði Freyr 'Daði Freyr' 10” (Samlist) £17

Dave Brubeck 'A Dave Brubeck Christmas' 2LP 180g (Craft Recordings) £27.5

David Tattersall 'On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean' LP (Where Its At Is Where You Are) £17

DC The Don 'Come As You Are' LP (Rostrum) £28

DC The Don 'FUNERAL' LP (Rostrum) £28

DC The Don 'My Own Worst Enemy' 2LP (Rostrum) £28

Deluxxe 'If You Were Me' LP col (Avant!) £20.5

Doctor Bionic 'In The Infinite' LP (Chiefdom/Colemine) £22

Don Kipper 'Always Can't Go On Forever' CD (Riverboat) £9

Dusk 'Wheels Of Twilight' LP white/CD (Argonauta) £19

Eddie Lebron 'Ghetto Records Presents' LP (Now-Again) £23.5

Edena Gardens 'Dens' LP/CD (El Paraiso) £18.5

Emapea 'Seeds, Roots & Fruits (Reissue)' LP (Cold Busted) £24.5

Erik Nervous 'Immaturity' LP (FatCat) £18

Esbe 'Bloomsday (Reissue)' 2LP (Cold Busted) £33

Etta James / Taj Mahal 'The Earthquake Relief Concert 1989' CD (Cadiz - Equinox) £11.5

Evan Parker & George Lewis 'From Saxophone and Trombone' LP (Otoroku) £18.5

Evan Parker & Paul Lytton 'Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones)' LP (Otoroku) £18.5

Fat Tony 'Smart Ass Black Boy: Redux' LP opaque red (Partisan) £17

Faze-O 'Riding High / Good Thang / Breakin’ The Funk' 2CD (Robinsongs) £14

Fela Kuti 'Box Set #6 Curated By Idris Elba' 7LP box (Knitting Factory) £83.5

Five Finger Death Punch 'Five Finger Death Punch' 6LP black, silver & gold (Better Noise Music) £88.5

Flying Lizards 'Fourth Wall/Flying Lizards' 2CD (RPM Retrodisc) £14

Freddy Deboe 'Lora Blu / Lost At Sea' 7” (D-BO/Daptone) £8

Full of Hell & Nothing 'Full of Hell & Nothing' LP indies cream (Closed Casket Activities) £19

Full of Hell & Nothing 'Full of Hell & Nothing' LP metallic gold/CD+DVD (Closed Casket Activities) £19

George Riley 'Un/Limited Love' 12”blue (Ninja Tune) £13.5

Giovanni Di Domenico 'Superlike' LP (Black Sweat ) £22

GNAC 'Estimating Green' CD (Vertical Features) £10.5

Government Issue 'Finale' 2LP clear (Audioplatter) £20

Grafh X 38 Spesh 'Art Of Words' LP (CF Music Group) £20.5

Grant Green 'I Want To Hold Your Hand (Tone Poet)' LP (Blue Note) £28.5

Harp 'Albion' LP/CD (Bella Union) £18

Hector Tellez Jr. 'Hector Tellez Jr.' LP/CD (Mono Mundo Recordings) £18.5

Holy Fawn 'Realms' LP red & black (Wax Bodega) £18.5

House Of Harm 'Playground' LP col (Avant!) £20.5

House Of Harm 'Playground' LP/CD (Avant!) £20.5

Jennifer Vanilla 'Castle In The Sky' LP sky blue (Sinderlyn) £21

Johnny Hallyday 'Symphonique' LP/2CD+DVD (Blue Wrasse) £16

Johnny Ruiz And The Escapers 'Sorry/Prettiest Girl' 7” (Penrose) £8

Jonathan Rado 'For Who The Bell Tolls For' LP (Western Vinyl) £20.5

Junior Scaife 'When My Heart Beats b/w Moment To Moment' 7” (Penrose) £8

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 'Ears' LP (Western Vinyl) £17

Kanaan 'Double Sun' LP (El Paraiso) £18.5

Kanaan 'Odense Sessions' LP (El Paraiso) £18.5

Kasim Sulton '3' CD (Deko Entertainment) £12.5

Kasim Sulton 'Live Bootleg' CD (Deko Entertainment) £12.5

Khanate 'Khanate' 2LP/CD (Sacred Bones) £25

Khanate 'Khanate' 2LP white (Sacred Bones) £26

Khanate 'Things Viral' 2LP/CD (Sacred Bones) £25

Khanate 'Things Viral' 2LP white (Sacred Bones) £26

Khruangbin 'Live at Sydney Opera House' 2LP (Dead Oceans) £25.5

Kite 'Don’t Take The Light Away / Remember Me' 7” red (Dais) £11

Kite 'Don’t Take The Light Away / Remember Me.' 7” (Dais) £10.5

Klaus Wiese 'Baraka' LP (Black Sweat ) £22

Kleistwahr 'For the Lives Once Lived' CD (Fourth Dimension) £10.5

Kraan 'Zoup' LP/CD (36 Music) £32

Kraut 'An Adjustment To Society' CD (Cleopatra) £17.5

Laibach 'Nova Akropola' 3CD expanded box (Cherry Red) £23.5

Lau Nau 'Aphrilis' LP (Beacon Sound) £20

Lee Konitz 'Tenorlee' LP 180g/CD (Candid) £21

Lee Scratch Perry 'Burning Rockers' 12” (Burning Sounds) £12.5

Leonard Bernstein 'The Maestro - The Very Best of Leonard Bernstein' 2CD (Deutsche Grammophon) £11.5

Levellers 'Levelling The Land 2023 Remix + Live At The Dolce Vita ‘91' 2LP (On The Fiddle Recordings) £33

Liam Cromby 'What Can I Trust, If I Can't Trust True Love' LP white/CD (Time Is Tonic) £19

London Music Works 'The Essential Games' 2LP (Diggers Factory) £24.5

Los Campesinos! 'No Blues (10th Anniversary Reissue)`LP transparent green' LP (Heart Swells) £17

Lucero 'That Much Further West (20th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Liberty & Lament) £20.5

Mabe Fratti 'Pies Sobre La Tierra' LP col/CD (Unheard Of Hope) £19.5

Mabe Fratti 'Se Ve Desde Aqui' LP col/CD (Unheard Of Hope) £19.5

Mark Eric 'A Midsummers Daydream' LP (Now Sounds) £22

Mary Ocher 'Approaching Singularity: Music for The End of Time' LP 180g/CD (Underground Institute) £19.5

Masahiro Ikumi and Yuji Yoshio 'Perfect Blue' 2LP deluxe audiophile (Tiger Lab) £38

McCoy Tyner 'Extensions (Tone Poet)' LP (Blue Note) £28.5

Mercenary 'Mercenary' CD (NoiseArt) £13

Metallica 'Ride The Lightning' LP col (UMR/Mercury) £27.5

Miles Davis 'Bags' Groove' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Minor Threat 'Out Of Step Outtakes' 7” (Dischord) £10.5

Mojave Phone Booth 'Hollow the Numbers' 2LP/2CD (Label 51) £22

Monophonics 'It's Only Us' LP butterscotch swirl (Colemine) £22

Montrose 'I Got The Fire - Complete Recordings 1973-1976' 6CD box (HNE) £29.5

Mooris 'I' LP (Holuzam) £19

Muriel Grossmann 'Muriel Grossmann' 2LP orange & silver (Third Man) £22

Muriel Grossmann 'Muriel Grossmann' 2LP/2CD (Third Man) £22

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis 'Nick Cave & Warren Ellis' LP (Goliath Limited) £18.5

Noema 'One' LP (The Magic Movement) £20.5

Okonski 'Magnolia' LP dark grey marble (Colemine) £23.5

Ordeal 'Vätterns Pärla' LP (Aguirre) £21.5

Oro 'Oro' LP/CD (Hammerheart) £23.5

Orphaned Land 'Orphaned Land' 2LP/CD+DVD (Century Media) £33

Os Barbapapas 'Enigma' LP (Fun In The Church) £20

Os Barbapapas 'Enigma' LP red (Fun In The Church) £21

Ozric Tentacles 'Pyramidion (Ed Wynne Remaster)' LP (Kscope) £18

Pan-Pot 'Forte' 2LP (Second State Audio) £19

Paradime 'Period.' LP (Mello Music Group) £23

Paradime 'Period.' LP indies jamieson haze (Mello Music Group) £27.5

Pejzaż 'List II' LP (The Very Polish Cut Outs) £24.5

Pete Warner 'Pete Warner' 7” (Expansion) £13

Peter Gabriel 'i/o' 2CD (Real World) £12.5

Peter Gabriel 'i/o' 2CD+BluRay (Real World) £16

Peter Gabriel 'i/o' 2LP 180g bright side (Real World) £27.5

Peter Gabriel 'i/o' 2LP 180g dark side (Real World) £27.5

Plastikman 'Sheet One' 2LP biovinyl (NovaMute) £20

Pruillip 'Pruillip' LP (Cortizona) £18

Psychic Trash 'Psychic Trash' LP/CD (Riding Easy) £20.5

Quarantine 'Exile' LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) £20.5

Ravi Shankar 'Ragas & Improvisations 1956-1962' 2CD (Fremeaux & Associes) £20.5

RCMC 'Rock City Machine Co' CD (Bad Reputation) £12.5

Rickey Calloway 'King of Funk' LP (Funk Night) £23.5

Robb Johnson & The Xmas Irregulars 'Murder At The Grange' LP (Irregular) £17

Roy Ayers 'Stoned Soul Picnic' LP (Nature Sounds) £23.5

Sam Russo 'Mistletoe Pier' 7” (Red Scare Industries) £9

San Leo 'Aves Raras' LP/CD (Bronson Recordings) £19.5

Saosin 'Saosin' 12” pic disc (Born Losers) £22

Satan’s Pilgrims 'Soul Pilgrim' LP (Jackpot) £25

Saukrates 'Driftin'' 7” (Love Touch) £12

Scientist 'Watch This! Dubbing at Tuff Gong' LP/CD (Jamaican Recordings) £12.5

Scott Ballew 'Leisure Rodeo' CD (Royal Oakie) £11

SDH 'Fake Is Real' LP col (Avant!) £20.5

Shack 'Here’s Tom With The Weather' LP/CD (Shack Songs) £20

Shack 'Here’s Tom With The Weather' LP oxblood (Shack Songs) £21

Sheena Easton 'Best Kept Secret' LP (Cherry Pop) £22

Shibalba 'Dreams Αre Our World Of Experience' LP/CD (Cyclic Law) £17

Shplang 'Shplang' CD (Big Stir) £10.5

Silver Biplanes 'A Moment In The Sun' LP (Where Its At Is Where You Are) £16

Silverstein 'Rescue' LP yellow (Hopeless) £21

SiM 'SiM' CD (UNFD) £12

Skemer 'Benevolence' LP clear (Avant!) £20.5

Smash Mouth 'Fush Yu Mang' LP strawberry w/ black swirl (Real Gone) £32

Soft Cell 'Memorabillia' 12” german green (Vertigo) £19.5

Sparky Deathcap 'Tear Jerky Ep' 12" phenakistoscope pic disc (Heart Swells) £17

Stand Atlantic 'f.e.a.r.' LP orange (Hopeless) £21

Static Cleaner Lost Reward 'Breathing Under Honey' LP (Low Company) £14

Steely Dan 'Gaucho' LP (UMR/Polydor) £21

Stereolab 'Aluminum Tunes [Switched On Volume 3]' 3LP (Duophonic) £23

Steven Price 'The Worlds End' LP (Mondo) £43.5

Super Yamba Band 'Last Leap' LP (Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.) £19.5

Sven Wunder 'Late Again' LP (Piano Piano) £22

Tear Da Club Up Thugs Of Three 'Crazyndalazdayz' 2LP (Get On Down) £29.5

The Boxer Rebellion 'Exits' LP opaque red (All Things Considered) £20

The Boxer Rebellion 'Promises' LP sea blue (All Things Considered) £20

The Boxer Rebellion 'The Cold Still' LP army green (All Things Considered) £20

The Boxer Rebellion 'Union' LP bronze (All Things Considered) £20

The Brit Funk Association 'The Brit Funk Association' CD (Expansion) £13

The Business 'The Oi Anthology' 2CD (Captain Oi!) £14

The Delines 'Christmas In Atlantis' 7” (Decor) £9

The Donnas 'Get Skintight' LP purple w/ pink swirl (Real Gone) £33

The Donnas 'Turn 21' LP blue ice queen (Real Gone) £33

The Electric Prunes 'Mass In F Minor' LP (Jackpot) £33

The Electric Prunes 'The Electric Prunes' LP (Jackpot) £33

The Electric Prunes 'Underground' LP (Jackpot) £33

The Focus Group 'Hey Let Loose Your Love' 10"/CD (Ghost Box) £17

The Fuzztones 'Friends & Fiends' CD (Cleopatra) £17.5

The Gun Club 'Mother Juno' LP (Manifesto) £20.5

The Ironsides 'Changing Light' LP (Colemine) £22

The Leaf Library 'Library Music Volume One' 2LP (Where Its At Is Where You Are) £20.5

The Lemonheads 'It’s A Shame About Ray' 7” (Fire) £10.5

The Miracle Workers 'Inside Out' LP (Jackpot) £26.5

The Primitives 'Really Stupid' 7” (Optic Nerve) £10.5

The Quintet 'Jazz At Massey Hall' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

The Sensible Gray Cells 'A Stupid Xmas c/w Keep It To Yourself' 7” (Damaged Goods) £8

The Varukers 'How Do You Sleep?' LP col (Cleopatra) £27.5

The Yuletime Lifters 'Time For Love / Instrumental' 7” (Daptone) £8

Theo Erskine & Mark Kavuma 'Ultrasound' LP (Banger Factory) £22

Timelash 'Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities' LP (Aguirre) £21.5

Tony Bennett | Bill Evans 'The Tony Bennett / Bill Evans Album' LP (Craft Recordings) £34

Toxic Holocaust 'Toxic Holocaust' LP milky clear w/ black, white & grey splatter (Relapse) £18.5

Toxic Holocaust 'Toxic Holocaust' LP swamp green & olive green merge w/ neon yellow, highlighter yellow & canary yellow splatter (Relapse) £18.5

Trevor Horn 'Echoes: Ancient & Modern' LP crystal (Deutsche Grammophon) £27.5

Trevor Horn 'Echoes: Ancient & Modern' LP/CD (Deutsche Grammophon) £24

Univers Zero 'Lueur' LP/CD (Sub Rosa) £18.5

Vacationer 'Cherish' LP (Paxico) £24.5

Van Morrison 'Moondance' BluRay (Warner) £19.5

Van Morrison 'Moondance' 3LP (Warner) £46

Various Artists '...And You Don't Stop - A Celebration of 50 Years of Hip Hop' 6LP box (Tommy Boy) £69.5

Various Artists 'Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Tropical Compiled By David Byrne' 2LP/CD (Luaka Bop) £28

Various Artists 'C86' 3CD deluxe (Cherry Red) £22

Various Artists 'Christmas Rap' LP (Get On Down) £23.5

Various Artists 'Moping in Style ‘A Tribute To Adam Green’' 2LP/2CD (Capitane ) £26.5

Various Artists 'Remixes JID020' CD (Jazz Is Dead) £11

Various Artists 'Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana' 2LP (Numero Group) £24.5

Various Artists 'Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana' 2LP opaque blue & white swirl (Numero Group) £25.5

Various Artists 'Spectra Ex Machina/A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.2' LP (Sub Rosa) £20.5

Various Artists 'Top Series TV, Vol 1' LP (Fgl Productions) £19

Various Artists 'World Psychedelic Classics 1: Everything Is Possible: The Best Of Os Mutantes' LP yellow (Luaka Bop) £26.5

Various Artists '20 Years Of Phonica' 3CD (Nacional) £13.5

Vinnie Paz 'All Are Guests in the House of God' 2LP (Iron Tusk Music) £29.5

Violent Femmes 'Violent Femmes (40th Anniversary)' 3LP+7" box and book/2CD (Craft Recordings) £105.5

Weezer 'SZNZ: Winter' LP (Atlantic) £24.5

Werner Durand, Amelia Cuni & Uli Hohmann 'Clearing' LP (Aguirre) £21.5

Wes Montgomery 'The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Witching Waves 'Streams and Waterways' LP (Specialist Subject) £17

Wizzard 'The Singles Collection' 2CD (7TS) £14

X-Press 2 feat. Kele Okereke 'Phasing You Out (David Holmes remix)' 12” (Acid Jazz UK) £12

Yancey Boys 'Sunset Blvd' LP/CD (King Underground) £24.5

Yancey Boys 'Sunset Blvd Instrumentals' LP (King Underground) £24.5

Your Old Droog 'The Yodfather / The Shining' LP (Nature Sounds) £29.5

Youth Brigade 'Sound & Fury' LP yellow (Trust) £30.5

Yuna 'Y5' 2LP (YRR / Independent) £32

Yusef Lateef 'Eastern Sounds' LP (Craft Recordings) £34

Zach Russell 'Zach Russell' LP/CD (Carlboro) £18.5

Ze Rodrix E A Agencia De Magicos 'O Esquadrao Da Morte' LP/CD (Mr Bongo) £17

Zulu 'A New Tomorrow' LP purple/MC/CD (Flatspot) £27

Posted on November 18th, 2023