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4 Skins 'From Chaos To 1984' LP (Step 1 Music) £18.5

Aaron Frazer 'Bring You A Ring / You Don't Wanna Be My Baby' 7” (Colemine) £8.5

Amon Duul 'Disaster (Lüüd Noma)' 2LP/CD (Ohr) £26

Arian Shafiee 'Engines In Unity' LP (VDSQ) £29.5

Art Pepper 'Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section' LP (Craft Recordings) £26

Atreyu 'The Beautiful Dark of Life' 2LP red, teal & yellow swirl/CD (Spinefarm) £25.5

Atreyu 'The Beautiful Dark of Life' 2LP glow in the dark clear (Spinefarm) £28.5

Avantasia 'Mystery Of Time (10th Ann Reissue)' 2LP double red / gold (Nuclear Blast) £34.5

Bastards 'Arctic Hardcore – Complete Studio Recordings & Rare Rehearsal Tapes' 6LP/3CD (Svart) £85.5

Be.Lanuit 'Hippie Picasso' LP col (Music For Dreams ) £22

Belphegor 'Bondage Goat Zombie' LP transparent blue black marble (Nuclear Blast) £24.5

Belphegor 'Totenritual' LP crystal clear gold black splatter (Nuclear Blast) £24.5

Biffy Clyro 'Black Chandelier/Biblical' LP (WMG) £20.5

Biffy Clyro 'Opposite/Victory Over The Sun' LP (WMG) £20.5

Big Thief 'Masterpiece' LP/CD (4AD) £20

Big Thief 'Masterpiece' LP eco (4AD) £21

Big Thief 'Masterpiece (2023 Remaster)' LP/CD (4AD) £20

Big Thief 'Masterpiece (2023 Remaster)' LP indies eco (4AD) £21

Big Wreck 'Pages' 12”/CD EP (Sonic Unyon) £27

Bill Evans Trio 'How My Heart Sings!' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Bill Evans Trio 'Moon Beams' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Black Sabbath 'Hand Of Doom (Super Deluxe Picture Disc Box)' 8LP (Sanctuary) £237.5

Bleed From Within 'Era' 2LP (Svart) £21.5

Bleed From Within 'Era' 2LP yellow (Svart) £21.5

Bloodsin 'Extinction Complete' CD (DOC) £9

Bob Marley 'Selassie Is The Chapel' 7" (Jad) £9

Boillat Thérace Quintet 'Live 1974 + 3' 2LP (We Release Jazz) £25.5

Boygenius 'Boygenius (5th Anniversary Revisionist History Edition)' 12” opaque yellow (Matador) £15

Brainticket 'Psychonaut' LP col 2 (Cleopatra) £38

Brigitte Calls Me Baby 'This House is Made of Corners' 12” pink (ATO (UK)) £14

Bring Me The Horizon 'Sempiternal: 10th Anniversary' LP pic disc (Sony) £22.5

C-Clamp 'Dream Backwards' 3LP (Numero Group) £34

C-Clamp 'Dream Backwards' 3LP blue & white splatter (Numero Group) £37

Car Seat Headrest 'Faces From The Masquerade' 2LP (Matador) £27

Carsten Nicolai 'Ray Collector' LP (Noton) £26.5

Charlie Parker 'Now's The Time: The Genius of Charlie Parker (Verve by Request)' LP (Verve) £26

Chiho Kiyooka, Takeshi Ike, Keiju Ishikawa 'Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack (Best Collection)' 2LP orange (Microids) £53.5

Chris Forsyth 'Solar Motel: Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition' 2LP (Algorithm Free) £32

Ciel 'Make It Better' 12” (Jazz Life) £16

Cloud Management 'V.A.' LP (Altin Village & Mine) £26.5

Crayola Eyes 'Gushing' LP (Fuzz Club) £18.5

Cymande 'Second Time Round' LP transparent green (Partisan) £18

Death Angel 'Humanicide' LP purple splatter (Nuclear Blast) £29.5

Strange / Strange Too 'BluRay/DVD' Sony (19658744239) £21.5

Devo 'Art Devo' 2CD (Futurismo) £19

Dimmu Borgir 'Inspiratio Profanus' LP b+w splatter/CD (Nuclear Blast) £26

Dinner Party 'Dinner Party' LP (Sounds of Crenshaw / EMPIRE) £16

DJ Rashad 'Double Cup (10 Year Anniversary)' 2LP gold (Partisan) £20

Don Caballero 'Singles Breaking Up (Vol 1.)' CD (Touch and Go) £12

Dorothy Carter 'Waillee Waillee' LP (Palto Flats) £27

Elvin Jones 'Genesis' LP (THIRD MAN) £33.5

Elvin Jones 'Genesis' LP pink (THIRD MAN) £37

Enji 'Ulaan' LP (Squama) £24

Enji 'Ulaan' LP (Squama) £24

Faith Healer 'The Hand That Fits The Glove' LP/CD (Mint) £16

Full of Hell 'Garden of Burning Apparitions' LP white inside black ice w/white and silver splatter (Relapse) £18.5

Gary Brewer 'Gary Brewer's House of Axes' LP col & signed (SGM) £22

Gary Peters 'Beginnings: Collected Pedal Steel Guitar Works' LP (Scissor Tail Editions) £22

Ghost 'Meliora' LP orange (Concord) £24

Girma Yifrashewa 'Love & Peace (Repress)' LP/CD (Unseen Worlds) £20.5

Goat 'Levitation Sessions' LP emerald green (The Reverberation Appreciation Society) £19.5

Gonzalez Smith 'Roll Up A Song' LP (Bobo Integral) £24.5

Government Issue 'Government Issue' LP (Dr Strange) £14

Government Issue 'Joy Ride' LP (Dr Strange) £14

Government Issue 'The Fun Just Never Ends' LP (Dr Strange) £14

Gregory Isaacs 'Don’t Believe Him / The Village' 7” (Jamaican Recordings) £9

Grieves 'The Collections Of Mr. Nice Guy' LP translucent teal (Rhymesayers Entertainment) £13

Hania Rani 'Live From Studio S2' LP transparent yellow (Gondwana) £20

Have Mercy 'NUMB' LP indies eco magenta (Rude) £19.5

Have Mercy 'NUMB' LP ultra clear eco friendly (Rude) £19.5

Hochzeitskapelle + Japanese Friends 'The Orchestra In The Sky [Kobe Recordings]' 2LP (Alien Transitor) £34.5

Hochzeitskapelle + Japanese Friends 'The Orchestra In The Sky [Tokyo Recordings]' LP (Alien Transistor) £25.5

Holger Hiller 'Ein Bundel Faulnis In Der Grube' LP/CD (Bureau B) £24

Horace Andy 'You Are My Angel/Version' 7” (Jamaican Recordings) £9

Hum 'Downwards Is Heavenward' 2LP reissue (Polyvinyl Recording Co.) £30

Hum 'Electra 2000' 2LP reissue (Polyvinyl Recording Co.) £30

Hum 'Inlet' 2LP reissue (Polyvinyl Recording Co.) £30

Hum 'You'd Prefer An Astronaut' 2LP reissue (Polyvinyl Recording Co.) £30

Huxley Anne 'Ilium' LP (Dome of Doom) £22.5

Ishmael Ensemble & Rider Shafique 'In A Dub Style' 12” (Severn Songs) £10.5

James Elkington 'Me Neither' 2LP/CD (No Quarter) £27

Jan Nemecek 'Dissolved' LP (Refractions) £24

Jan Nemecek 'Dissolved' LP (Refractions) £24

Joanna Brouk 'Sounds of The Sea' LP (Numero Group) £17

Joanna Brouk 'Sounds of The Sea' LP sea blue (Numero Group) £18

Joby Fox 'I Once Was A Hawk, Now I’m A Dove' CD (Dimple Discs) £12

Joby Fox 'I Once Was A Hawk, Now I’m A Dove' CD (Dimple Discs) £12

John Coltrane 'Soultrane' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

John Coltrane 'Standard Coltrane' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

John Coltrane 'The Last Trane' LP (Craft Recordings) £21

Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' LP col (Cleopatra) £26.5

Jpegmafia & Danny Brown 'Scaring The Hoes' LP white (Wax Bodega) £28

K-Lone 'Drum Tools + Leod Edit' 12” (Sweet ‘N’ Tasty) £14

Karin Jones 'Under The Influence Of Love' LP (Tidal Waves Music) £27

Knight$ 'What Planet Did You Come From? (Baby) (EP)' 12” (Specchio Uomo/Mirrorman) £20.5

Leæther Strip 'Underneath The Laughter' LP col (Cleopatra) £27.5

Lee Hazlewood '13' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £37

Lee Hazlewood 'Cowboy In Sweden' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £35.5

Lee Hazlewood 'The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71)' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £35.5

Los Bitchos 'Let The Festivities Begin (Los Chrismos Edition)' LP+flexi (City Slang) £23.5

Loveshadow 'II' LP (Dark Entries) £24.5

Luizga And Edgar Valente 'Aie' LP/CD (Ajabu!) £30.5

Marcus Malone & The Motor City Hustlers 'Interstate 75' LP (Ramrock Red) £22

Masayuki Takaynagi 'Mass Hysterism In Another Situation' 2LP (Black Editions) £41

Masayuki Takaynagi 'Mass Hysterism In Another Situation' 2LP (Black Editions) £41

Max Roach +4 'Moon Faced and Starry Eyed' LP (Verve) £26

Michael Franti & Spearhead 'Big Big Love' 2LP clear highlighter yellow/CD (Boo Boo Wax) £21.5

Michael Nau 'Accompany' LP col (Karma Chief) £22

Michael Nau 'Accompany' LP/CD (Karma Chief) £22

Mika Vainio 'M.T.V. 15.05.63 – 12.04.2017' book+CD (Blast First Petite) £27

Milky Chance 'Sadnecessary' LP/CD (Stoned In Paradise) £20

Milky Chance 'Sadnecessary' LP red/green split (Stoned In Paradise) £24

Modder 'Great Liberation Through Hearing, The' LP/CD (Consouling Sounds) £31

Model Shop 'Check The Forecast' 7” (Meritorio) £12

Moebius 'Tonspuren' LP (Bureau B) £24.5

Moebius 'Tonspuren' LP indies white (Bureau B) £24.5

Moebius Plank Neumeier 'Zero Set' LP indies white (Bureau B) £24.5

Moebius Plank Neumeier 'Zero Set (40th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Bureau B) £24.5

Moebius Plank Neumeier 'Zero Set (40th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Bureau B) £24.5

Mona Mur 'Delinquent' LP (Cheezy Crust) £20.5

Mono 'You Are There' 2LP/CD (Temporary Residence Ltd) £28

Muireann Bradley 'I Kept These Old Blues' LP/MC/CD (Tompkins Square) £18.5

Nazz 'Nazz Nazz' LP col (Cleopatra) £32

Neil Young 'Before and After' BluRay (Reprise) £20.5

Neil Young 'Before and After' LP/CD (Reprise) £28

Nirvana 'Live At Del Mar Fairground CA FM Broadcast 28th December 1991' LP (Iconic) £20.5

Oldfield Youth Club 'The Hanworth Are Coming' LP (Tiny Global Productions) £18.5

Orbiter 'Hollow World' LP grey/CD (Argonauta) £19

Osiah 'Kairos' 2LP white/CD (Unique Leader) £19

Oswald Moris 'Drug Song b/w Heat Haze' 7” (Ubiquity Recordings) £12

Pali Meursault & Thomas Tilly 'melt*' LP (Fragments Editions) £19.5

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom 'Reset in Dub' CD (Domino) £9

Philip Selway & Elysian Collective & Chris Vatalaro 'Live at Evolution Studios' LP (Bella Union UK) £20

Pink Floyd 'Atom Heart Mother' BluRay (Pink Floyd Music Ltd.(2016)) £39.5

Pink Floyd 'Atom Heart Mother' CD+BluRay (Warner) £39.5

Pointe du Lac 'Les siphonophores des eaux froides et profondes de l'Arctique' LP (Hands in the Dark) £19.5

Porcupine Tree 'Closure/Continuation Live' BluRay-DVD (Sony) £16

Principe Y Su Sexteto 'Salsa De Guaguanco' LP (Vampisoul) £21.5

R.E.M. 'Up- 25th Anniversary Edition' 2LP 180g/2CD/2CD+BluRay (Concord) £28.5

Rebecca Vasmant 'With Love, From Glasgow (Repress)' LP (Rebecca's) £13

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'Talk About The Weather' LP white (Audioplatter) £19

Redskins 'Neither Washington Nor Moscow' LP/4CD box (London) £21

Redskins 'These Furious Flames! Redskins Live! 1985-86' 2LP/2CD (London) £24

Robert Hood & Femi Kuti 'Variations' LP/CD (M-Plant) £20.5

Roxy Music 'Newcastle Complete' 2LP (Parachute) £20

Sauce Walka 'Dat Boy Den' 2LP/CD (The Sauce Familia / EMPIRE) £22

Shirley Hurt 'Shirley Hurt' LP (Melodic) £15.5

Silent Planet 'SUPERBLOOM' LP (Solid State) £22

Siobhan Donaghy 'Revolution in Me' LP mint green/2CD (London) £21.5

Six Organs Of Admittance 'Sleep Tones' 2LP (VDSQ) £41

Sombat Simla 'Master Of Bamboo Mouth Organ – Isan, Thailand' LP (Black Truffle) £21.5

Spencer Zahn 'Statues' 2LP (Cascine) £32

Steve Hackett 'To Watch The Storms (Vinyl Re-issue 2023)' 2LP (InsideOutMusic) £24

Steve Hackett 'Wild Orchids (Vinyl Re-issue 2023)' 2LP (InsideOutMusic) £24

Sult 'Always I Gnaw' LP (Thin Wrist) £29.5

Sun Electric 'Max Loderbauer & Tom Thiel' CD (Arjunamusic) £11.5

Testament 'Dark Roots of Earth' 2LP clear gold green splatter (Nuclear Blast) £29.5

The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 'Star Wars' 2LP (Diggers Factory) £24.5

The Doors 'Light My Fire - Live In Scandinavia 1968' 2CD (Audio Vaults) £10.5

The Doors 'Light My Fire - Live In Scandinavia 1968' 2CD (Audio Vaults) £10.5

The Flatmates 'I Could Be In Heaven' 7” (Optic Nerve) £10.5

The Kinks 'Dedicated Followers Of Fashion - Live In Virginia' CD (Audio Vaults) £9

The Kinks 'Dedicated Followers Of Fashion - Live In Virginia' CD (Audio Vaults) £9

The Lemonheads 'It’s A Shame About Ray (Classic Edition)' LP (Fire) £18.5

The Pets 'Pets, The' LP (Munster) £20

Throbbing Gristle 'Mutant TG' CD (NovaMute) £9

Toxic Holocaust 'Evil Never Dies' LP yellow w/ black & white splatter (Tankcrimes) £19.5

Tragedy Khadafi X Endemic Emerald 'Rebel Kings' LP (No Cure) £25

Ulver 'Vargnatt' LP oxblood/CD (PEACEVILLE) £19

Uncle Lucius 'Like It's The Last One Left' LP/CD (Boo Clap) £19

Urge Overkill 'Saturation (25th Anniversary Re-Issue)' LP yellow (Porterhouse) £22

Various Artists 'Fool's Gold 15' LP hot foil cover (Fool's Gold) £27

Various Artists 'Future Bubblers 7.0 Compilation' LP (Future Bubblers) £14

Various Artists 'Jangle Bells - A Rough Trade Shops Christmas Selection' LP/CD (Rough Trade Shops) £24.5

Various Artists 'Launch300' LP (Rocket Recordings) £17

Various Artists 'Move:Feel' 2LP (Colorsxstudios) £38

Various Artists 'Rockinitis 05' LP (Stag-O-Lee) £26

Various Artists 'Snö' 2CD (Where Its At Is Where You Are) £18.5

Wes Montgomery 'The Incredible Jazz Guitar' LP blue (20th Century Masterworks) £14

Willie Dixon 'What Happened To My Blues' LP (Night Train International/ Tuff City) £18.5

Wurld Series 'Giant's Lawn, The' LP (Meritorio) £22

Posted on November 24th, 2023