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Abstract Concrete 'Abstract Concrete' LP (The state51 Conspiracy) £22

Alice Coltrane 'Kirtan: Turiya Sings' 2LP (UMC) £12

Beastie Boys 'Some Old Bullshit' LP (UMC) £15.5

Billy Bragg 'The Roaring Forty | 1983-2023' 3LP deluxe green (Cooking Vinyl Limited) £46

Blondie 'Eat To The Beat' LP (UMC) £13

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Catch A Fire' LP (UMC) £13

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Easy Skanking In Boston '78' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Exodus' LP (UMC) £15.5

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Kaya' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Kaya' LP (UMC) £12

Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Natty Dread' LP (UMC) £15.5

Bob Marley & The Wailers Chineke! Orchestra 'Bob Marley with the Chineke! Orchestra' LP (UMC) £9

Brian Eno 'Ambient 4: On Land' LP (UMC) £12

Brian Eno 'Apollo: Atmospheres And Soundtracks' 2LP (UMC) £21

Brian Eno 'Before And After Science' LP (UMC) £13


Bruce Liu 'Winner of the 18th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition Warsaw 2021' 2LP (UMC) £13

Charles Mingus 'Pre-Bird' LP (UMC) £26

Charles Mingus 'The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady' LP (UMC) £13

Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie 'Bird & Diz' LP (UMC) £13

Chris Cornell 'Euphoria Mourning' LP (UMC) £12

Clint Mansell 'She Will' LP (UMC) £10.5

Coleman Hawkins Ben Webster 'Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster' LP (UMC) £13

Don Cherry 'Brown Rice' LP (UMC) £13

Earth 'Primitive And Deadly' 2LP col (Southern Lord) £23.5

Earth 'Primitive And Deadly' 2LP/CD (Southern Lord) £22

Elvin Jones 'Revival: Live at Pookie's Pub' 3LP (UMC) £26

Elvis Costello & The Attractions 'Spanish Model/This Year's Model' 2LP (UMC) £13

Elvis Costello & The Attractions 'This Year's Model' LP (UMC) £12

Elvis Costello The Imposters 'The Boy Named If' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Empire 'Expensive Sound' LP (Munster) £21

Ennio Morricone 'I malamondo' 2LP (UMC) £17

Ennio Morricone 'Quando l'amore è sensualità' 2LP (UMC) £17

Frank Zappa;The Mothers '200 Motels - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - 50th Anniversary' 2LP (UMC) £13

Freddie Hubbard 'Ready For Freddie' LP (UMC) £10.5

Herbie Hancock 'The New Standard' 2LP (UMC) £24

Hildur Guðnadóttir 'Chernobyl' LP (UMC) £13

Horace Silver 'Song For My Father' LP (UMC) £10.5

Horace Silver Quintet 'Doin' The Thing - At The Village Gate' LP (UMC) £13

Iggy Pop 'Lust For Life' LP (UMC) £10.5

John Coltrane 'A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle' 2LP (UMC) £13

John Coltrane 'Another Side Of John Coltrane' 2LP (UMC) £21

John Coltrane 'Blue Train' LP (UMC) £26

John Coltrane 'Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album' 2LP (UMC) £24

John Coltrane 'Live At The Village Vanguard Again!' LP (UMC) £10.5

John Coltrane Quartet 'Crescent' LP (UMC) £26

John Coltrane Quartet John Coltrane 'Coltrane/ The John Coltrane Quartette' LP (UMC) £10.5

John Lennon 'Imagine' LP (UMC) £24

John Lennon 'Plastic Ono Band' 2LP (UMC) £24

John Lennon 'Plastic Ono Band' LP (UMC) £18

John Lennon Yoko Ono 'Double Fantasy' LP (UMC) £18

Jonny Greenwood 'Spencer' LP (UMC) £13

Keith Jarrett 'Treasure Island' LP (UMC) £13

Melt Yourself Down 'Pray For Me I Don¿t Fit In' LP (UMC) £12

Metallica '72 Seasons' 2LP (UMC) £26

N.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton' LP (UMC) £10.5

Nick Drake 'A Treasury' LP (UMC) £10.5

Nina Simone 'Great Women Of Song: Nina Simone' LP (UMC) £10.5

Nina Simone 'In Concert' LP (UMC) £13

Nina Simone 'You've Got To Learn' LP (UMC) £12

Nirvana 'Incesticide' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Nirvana 'Live at Reading' 2LP (UMC) £21

Nirvana 'Nirvana' 2LP (UMC) £17

Nirvana 'Nirvana' LP (UMC) £10.5

Ólafur Arnalds 'Island Songs' LP (UMC) £10.5

Ólafur Arnalds 're:member' LP (UMC) £12

Ólafur Arnalds 'some kind of peace' LP (UMC) £15.5

Ólafur Arnalds 'some kind of peace ¿ piano reworks' LP (UMC) £9

Otis Redding 'Live At The Whisky A Go Go' 2LP (UMC) £19.5

Paul McCartney 'Amoeba Gig' 2LP (UMC) £17

Paul McCartney 'Chaos And Creation In The Backyard' LP (UMC) £15.5

Paul McCartney 'McCartney' LP (UMC) £17

Paul McCartney 'McCartney II' LP (UMC) £17

Paul McCartney 'McCartney III' LP (UMC) £12

Paul McCartney 'McCartney III Imagined' 2LP (UMC) £19.5

Paul McCartney 'McCartney III Imagined' 2LP (UMC) £21

Paul McCartney 'Tug Of War' LP (UMC) £13

Paul McCartney & Wings 'Red Rose Speedway' LP (UMC) £17

Paul McCartney & Wings 'Wild Life' LP (UMC) £13

Paul McCartney Linda McCartney 'Ram' LP (UMC) £19.5

Paul McCartney Wings 'Band On The Run' LP (UMC) £17

Rancid 'Indestructible' LP (Epitaph) £22

Rory Gallagher 'Top Priority' LP (UMC) £12

Roxy Music 'Avalon' LP (UMC) £17

Roxy Music 'Country Life' LP (UMC) £19.5

Roxy Music 'Flesh And Blood' LP (UMC) £13

Roxy Music 'For Your Pleasure' LP (UMC) £15.5

Roxy Music 'Roxy Music' LP (UMC) £15.5

Roxy Music 'Stranded' LP (UMC) £15.5

Sammy Hagar The Circle 'Crazy Times' LP (UMC) £15.5

Scott Walker 'Scott 4' LP (UMC) £12

Sex Pistols 'The Original Recordings' 2LP (UMC) £17

Siouxsie And The Banshees 'All Souls' LP (UMC) £12

Sonic Youth 'Dirty' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Sonic Youth 'Rather Ripped' LP (UMC) £13

Sonic Youth 'Washing Machine' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

Sonny Clark 'Cool Struttin'' LP (UMC) £10.5

Sonny Rollins 'Sonny Rollins - On Impulse!' LP (UMC) £12

Soundtrack 'Pulp Fiction' LP (UMC) £10.5

Sparks 'Kimono My House' LP (UMC) £12

Sun Ra 'Space Is The Place' LP (UMC) £17

T. Rex 'Electric Warrior' LP (UMC) £18

The Band 'The Band' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

The Beach Boys '"Feel Flows" The Sunflower & Surf¿s Up Sessions 1969-1971' 2LP (UMC) £13

The Beach Boys 'Sail On Sailor ¿ 1972' 3LP (UMC) £18

The Beautiful South 'Welcome To The Beautiful South' LP (UMC) £12

The Comet Is Coming 'Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam' LP (UMC) £12

The Comet Is Coming 'Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery' LP (UMC) £15.5

The Cure 'Disintegration' 2LP (UMC) £17

The Cure 'Greatest Hits' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

The Cure 'Pornography' LP (UMC) £9

The Cure 'The Head On The Door' LP (UMC) £9

The Cure 'Three Imaginary Boys' LP (UMC) £9

The Go-Go's 'Beauty And The Beat' LP (UMC) £12

The Human League 'Dare!' LP (UMC) £13

The Rolling Stones 'Exile On Main Street' 2LP (UMC) £18

The Rolling Stones 'Goats Head Soup' 2LP (UMC) £18

The Rolling Stones 'Goats Head Soup' LP (UMC) £15.5

The Rolling Stones 'Tattoo You' LP (UMC) £15.5

The Rolling Stones 'Voodoo Lounge' 2LP (UMC) £18

The Slits 'Cut' LP (UMC) £12

The Velvet Underground '1969' 2LP (UMC) £15.5

The Velvet Underground 'The Velvet Underground' LP (UMC) £10.5

The Wailers 'Burnin'' LP (UMC) £12

The Who 'Live At Leeds' LP (UMC) £15.5

The Who 'My Generation' LP (UMC) £13

The Who 'The Who Sell Out' 2LP (UMC) £24

The Who 'Who Are You' LP (UMC) £12

The Who 'Who's Next' LP (UMC) £10.5

Thin Lizzy 'Bad Reputation' LP (UMC) £13

Thin Lizzy 'Black Rose: A Rock Legend' LP (UMC) £13

Thin Lizzy 'Johnny The Fox' LP (UMC) £13

Various Artists '50 Years of Hip Hop: THE FEMALE MC’S' 2LP (Tuff City/Ol’ Skool Flava) £22

Various Artists '50 Years Of Hip Hop: The Solo MC Jams' 2LP (Tuff City/Ol’ Skool Flava) £22

Víkingur Ólafsson 'Philip Glass: Piano Works' 2LP (UMC) £19.5

Posted on November 24th, 2023