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Akiko Yano 'Gohan Ga Dekitayo' 2LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £26

Akiko Yano 'Iroha Ni Konpeitou' LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £22

Akiko Yano 'Iroha Ni Konpeitou' LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £22

Akiko Yano 'Japanese Girl' LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £26

Akiko Yano 'Tadaima' LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £26

Biel Solsona '· i ·' LP purple haze (Rocafort) £17.5

Blade 'Mind Of An Ordinary Citizen' 7" (Boot) £13

Dag Nasty 'Minority Of One' LP violet (Revelation) £27

Fairuz 'Maarifti Feek' LP (Wewantsounds) £26

Fairuz 'Wahdon' LP (Wewantsounds) £26

George Otsuka Quintet 'Loving you George' LP/CD (Wewantsounds) £22

Masaru Imada Trio + 2 'Green Catapillar' LP (Le Tres Jazz Club) £26.5

Merzbow 'Cafe Oto' 2CD (Cold Spring) £12

Minor Threat 'Out Of Step Outtakes' 7” (Dischord) £10.5

Omar Khorshid 'With Love' 12" (Wewantsounds) £22.5

Ramones 'The Kids Are Ready To Go - Montevideo, Uruguay, 14/11/1994 – FM Broadcast' LP (Dear Boss) £16.5

Saint Malo 'Saint Malo' LP/CD (Lovemonk) £18.5

Vinyl Williams 'Cosmopolis' LP/CD (Requiem Pour Un Twister) £19.5

Yocto 'Zepta Supernova' LP (Requiem Pour Un Twister) £22


Amon Duul 'Disaster (Lüüd Noma)' 2LP/CD (Ohr) £26

Arian Shafiee 'Engines In Unity' LP (Vdsq) £29.5

Cloud Management 'V.A.' LP (Altin Village & Mine) £26.5

Dorothy Carter 'Waillee Waillee' LP (Palto Flats) £27

Faith Healer 'The Hand That Fits The Glove' LP/CD (Mint) £16

Gonzalez Smith 'Roll Up A Song' LP (Bobo Integral) £24.5

Holger Hiller 'Ein Bundel Faulnis In Der Grube' LP/CD (Bureau B) £24

Jan Nemecek 'Dissolved' LP (Refractions) £24

Joby Fox 'I Once Was A Hawk, Now I’m A Dove' CD (Dimple Discs) £12

Masayuki Takaynagi 'Mass Hysterism In Another Situation' 2LP (Black Editions) £41

Model Shop 'Check The Forecast' 7” (Meritorio) £12

Moebius 'Tonspuren' LP (Bureau B) £24.5

Moebius Plank Neumeier 'Zero Set (40th Anniversary Edition)' LP (Bureau B) £24.5

Nirvana 'Live At Del Mar Fairground CA FM Broadcast 28th December 1991' LP (Iconic) £20.5

Principe Y Su Sexteto 'Salsa De Guaguanco' LP (Vampisoul) £21.5

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 'Talk About The Weather' LP white (Audioplatter) £19

Roxy Music 'Newcastle Complete' 2LP (Parachute) £20

Six Organs Of Admittance 'Sleep Tones' 2LP (VDSQ) £41

Sult 'Always I Gnaw' LP (Thin Wrist) £29.5

The Doors 'Light My Fire - Live In Scandinavia 1968' 2CD (Audio Vaults) £10.5

The Kinks 'Dedicated Followers Of Fashion - Live In Virginia' CD (Audio Vaults) £9

The Pets 'Pets, The' LP (Munster) £20

Various Artists 'Rockinitis 05' LP (Stag-O-Lee) £26

Wurld Series 'Giant's Lawn, The' LP (Meritorio) £22


Carwyn Ellis 'Ni A Nhw' LP/CD (Bubblewrap) £18

Circle Jerks 'Los Angeles 1984' CD (Interference) £12

Depeche Mode 'Enjoy The Silence In 1998' 10” pic disc (Laser Media) £22

Disclosure 'Alchemy' LP (Apollo) £23.5

Electric Callboy 'MMXX' LP transparent magenta & white splatter (Century Media) £21.5

Electric Callboy 'Rehab' LP (Century Media) £24

Electric Callboy 'The Scene' LP (Century Media) £24

Etta James / Taj Mahal 'The Earthquake Relief Concert 1989' CD (Cadiz - Equinox) £11.5

Evergrey 'From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits' 2LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £27

Four Year Strong 'Holiday Special Live' LP (Pure Noise) £19.5

Godflesh 'A World Only Lit By Fire' LP white (Avalanche Recordings) £19.5

Godflesh 'Post Self' LP transparent blue (Avalanche Recordings) £19.5

Oingo Boingo 'Live In Los Angeles' CD (Interference) £12

Sarah Silverman 'Someone You Love' 2LP/CD (Oh Us) £24.5

Sleaford Mods 'West End Girls' 12" (Rough Trade) £9.5

Therion 'Leviathan III' 2LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £26


Avenged Sevenfold 'Avenged Sevenfold' 2LP white & black swirl (Hopeless) £24.5

Avenged Sevenfold 'Nightmare' 2LP blue & black swirl (Hopeless) £24.5

Lone Ranger 'Badda Dan Dem' LP (Studio One) £31

Markus Reuter & Stefano Castagna 'Sea of Hopeless Angels' LP blue/CD (Unsung) £20

The Wonder Years 'No Closer To Heaven' 2LP clear w/ blue splatter (Hopeless) £24.5


Black Flag 'Live At The On Broadway 23 July 1982 (Black Vinyl)' LP (Waste Management) £19.5


Green Dolphin Orchestra 'The Jazz Day Recordings Part I-Viii' LP (Enjoy Jazz) £17.5

Joe Harriott / Amancio D’silva Quartet 'Hum Dono' LP (Trunk) £19.5

John Mclaughlin & Larry Coryell 'Live Under The Sky… ‘80' LP (Live Under The Sky) £18.5

Restless Mashaits 'Dubplate Style' LP (Mental Groove) £22.5


Saint DX 'Way Back Home' LP (Because Music) £22.5


Kali Malone 'All Life Long' 2LP/CD (Ideologic Organ) £27.5

KxllSwxtch 'Disorder' LP (Kill! / Empire) £22


William Doyle 'Springs Eternal' LP/CD (Tough Love) £19.5


Laetitia Sadier 'Rooting For Love' LP/CD (Duophonic Super 45s) £18.5

Marine 'Same Beat' LP/CD (Les Disques du Crepuscule) £19

Raymond Pettibon, Oliver Augst 'Nature Boy' 7” (Squama) £14


The Bevis Frond 'Focus on Nature' 2LP/CD (Fire) £22


Chastity Belt 'Live Laugh Love' LP/CD (Suicide Squeeze) £20.5



Ghost 'Meliora' LP orange (Concord) £24

Karin Jones 'Under The Influence Of Love' LP (Tidal Waves Music) £27

Lee Hazlewood '13' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £37

Lee Hazlewood 'Cowboy In Sweden' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £35.5

Lee Hazlewood 'The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1968-71)' 2LP deluxe (Light In The Attic) £35.5


Ary Lobo '1958-1966 (Limited Dance Edition No.19)' LP (Analog Africa) £23.5


Various Artists 'Rough Trade Counter Culture 2023' LP/2CD (Rough Trade) £19


deadmau5 'For Lack Of A Better Name' 2LP col (UMR/EMI) £27.5

Tara Clerkin Trio 'In Spring' 12" (World Of Echo) £16

Tara Clerkin Trio 'On The Turning Ground' 12" (World Of Echo) £16


Eminem '“Marshall Mathers LP 2” (10yr Anniversary)' 4LP/2CD (IGA/UMe) £71


deadmau5 '4x4=12' 2LP col (UMR/EMI) £27.5

Israel Vibrations 'Why You So Craven' LP/CD (RAS) £19

Kronos Quartet 'Black Angels' 2LP etching on side D (Nonesuch) £30.5


Black Symbol 'Journey' LP (Reggae Archive) £18.5

Dicks 'Kill From The Heart' LP red (Superior Viaduct) £26.5

Teethe 'Teethe' LP indies green geode+7" (Winspear) £27

Teethe 'Teethe' LP/MC (Winspear) £20.5


Ocean Colour Scene 'Days Like These – Live – 1998 -2015' 4LP box (Demon) £65.5

Ocean Colour Scene 'Days Like These – Live – 1998 -2015' 4LP signed box (Demon) £65.5


deadmau5 'Album Title Goes Here' 2LP col (UMR/EMI) £27.5


Vince Freeman 'Scars, Ghosts & Glory' LP col (Kinetic) £19

Vince Freeman 'Scars, Ghosts & Glory' LP/CD (Kinetic) £18

Posted on November 24th, 2023