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38 Spesh X Conway The Machine 'Speshal Machinery' LP/MC/CD (TCF Music Group) £20.5

Ambrose Akinmusire 'Owl Song' LP/CD (Nonesuch) £26

Ana Da Silva & Phew 'Island' 2LP/CD (Shouting Out Loud!) £8

Arms Length 'Never Before Seen, Never Again Found' LP blue, clear & white butterfly (Wax Bodega) £19

Arve Henriksen 'Strjon' CD (Rune Grammofon) £11.5

Ary Lobo '1958-1966 (Limited Dance Edition No.19)' LP (Analog Africa) £23.5

Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher) 'My Animal (OST)' LP red/CD (Nude Club) £20

Baratro 'The Sweet Smell Of Unrest' LP (Improved Sequence) £20.5

Biosphere/Deathprod 'Nordheim Transformed' CD (Rune Grammofon) £11.5

Black Crowes 'The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion' LP/2CD (UMR) £21

Blue Orchids 'Magpie Heights' LP/CD (Tiny Global Productions) £18.5

Blue Peppers 'Symphony' LP (Ship To Shore) £29

Bobby Beausoleil 'Ghost Highway' LP (Sleepers) £19.5

Boldy James 'Prisoner Of Circumstance' LP (Next) £20.5

Brainticket 'Psychonaut' LP col (Cleopatra) £38

Carly Cosgrove 'See You In Chemistry' LP half blue, half cream (Wax Bodega) £19

Carwyn Ellis 'Ni A Nhw' LP/CD (Bubblewrap) £18

Cassiber 'The Cassiber Box' box (Rer Megacorp) £47.5

Children of Bodom 'A Chapter Called Children of Bodom (Final Show in Helsinki Ice Hall 2019)' 2LP red marble (Spinefarm) £22

Children of Bodom 'A Chapter Called Children of Bodom (Final Show in Helsinki Ice Hall 2019)' 2LP/CD (Spinefarm) £22

Chrome 'Red Exposure' 2LP col (Cleopatra) £38

Circle Jerks 'Los Angeles 1984' CD (Interference) £12

Citrus Citrus 'Albedo Massima' LP (Sulatron) £30.5

Conflux Coldwell 'Memorex Mori' LP (Subexotic) £23.5

Connie Price & The Keystones 'Wildflowers (Expanded Edition)' LP (Superjock) £27.5

Cotton Jones 'The River Strumming' LP (Suicide Squeeze) £20.5

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 'Live Broadcasts 1969 - 1970' LP (1960s) £10.5

Cuarteto Yemaya 'El Tic Tac' LP (Vampisoul) £21.5

Dean Wareham 'Live At St Pancras Old Church London December 2013' 2LP (Sonic Cathedral) £24.5

Dellarge 'INRI (Industria Nacional del Ruido Infinito)' 2LP (Modern Obscure Music) £26

Depeche Mode 'Enjoy The Silence In 1998' 10” pic disc (Laser Media) £22

dEUS 'Following Sea' LP ([PIAS] Recordings Catalogue) £18

Dim Electrics 'Dim Electrics' LP (Sulatron) £30.5

Disclosure 'Alchemy' LP (Apollo) £23.5

Dutch Uncles 'Dutch Uncles' CD (Tapete) £10.5

Eels 'Eels So Good: Essential Eels Vol. 2 (2007-2020)' 2LP transparent green/CD (E Works) £27

Electric Callboy 'MMXX' LP transparent magenta & white splatter (Century Media) £21.5

Electric Callboy 'Rehab' LP (Century Media) £24

Electric Callboy 'The Scene' LP (Century Media) £24

Equipment Pointed Anhk 'From Inside The House' LP (Bruit Direct Disques) £19.5

Eric Burdon & The New Animals 'BBC Radio Sessions 1967-1968' LP (1960s) £10.5

Etta James / Taj Mahal 'The Earthquake Relief Concert 1989' CD (Cadiz - Equinox) £11.5

Evergrey 'From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits' 2LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £27

Faith Healer 'The Hand That Fits The Glove' LP/CD (Mint) £16

Fall Out Boy 'Take This to Your Grave' LP jay blue (Fueled by Ramen) £26

Fear Factory 'Genexus' LP crystal clear black white splatter (Nuclear Blast) £29.5

Four Year Strong 'Holiday Special Live' LP (Pure Noise) £19.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” blue (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” green (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” pink (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Francis Cabrel 'Un morceau de Sicre' 7” yellow (Chandelle Productions) £13.5

Fugi 'Mary, Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip' LP (Funky Delicacies / Tuff City) £16

G.T. Moore & Goldmaster All Stars 'Individualism' 7” (Partial) £11

Gabriel Rowland 'Gente Soul' LP (Madlib Invazion Library Series) £20.5

Godflesh 'A World Only Lit By Fire' LP white (Avalanche Recordings) £19.5

Godflesh 'Post Self' LP transparent blue (Avalanche Recordings) £19.5

Grand Veymont 'Route Du Vertige' LP (Objet Disque) £19.5

Grant Green 'Green Street (Classic Vinyl)' LP (Blue Note) £21

Hagan 'Textures' 2LP (Python Syndicate) £26

Hatebreed 'The Concrete Confessional' LP clear red splatter (Nuclear Blast) £24.5

Hi-Tek 'Beatbox Studios 2 (1996 MPC 60II)' LP (Hi-Tek Music) £23.5

Hipbone Slim & The Kneejerks 'From The Back Of Beyond EP' 7” (Spinout Nuggets) £12

Hit The Lights 'This Is A Stick Up.... Don't Make It A Murder' LP col (Wax Bodega) £20.5

Human Interest 'Empathy Lives In Outer Space' 12” green (Nice Swan Recordings) £13.5

I-I (Uchihashi Kazuhisa, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa, Sakaguchi Mitsuhisa) 'I-I' LP (Modern Obscure Music) £19.5

Jacob Gurevitsch 'El Terreno' LP/CD (Music For Dreams) £22

Jacob Gurevitsch 'Yellow Spaceship' LP yellow (Music For Dreams) £20

Jacques Brel 'Orly' 7” (Blue Wrasse) £15

Jane Birkin 'Integrale - Live' 15CD (Blue Wrasse) £57

Johnny Winter 'The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings)' 2CD (Omnivore Recordings, LLC) £19.5

Kayla Brown, The Glass Pyramids, John Johanas, Shuichi Kobori, Reo, Masatoshi Yanagi 'Hi-Fi Rush (OST)' 4LP (Laced) £79.5

Kelakos 'Hurtling Towards Extinction' 2LP/CD (Deko Entertainment) £24.5

Key Glock 'Yellow Tape 2' 2LP/CD (Paper Route / EMPIRE) £18.5

LA The Darkman 'Heist of the Century (Reissue)' 2LP (Aphilliates Music Group / Coalmine) £29.5

Laibach 'The Sound Of Music' LP (Mute) £18

Leather Strip 'Appreciation VI' CD (Cleopatra) £16

Lebanon Hanover 'Better Than Going Under' 12” (Fabrika) £16

Lebanon Hanover 'Better Than Going Under' 12” col (Fabrika) £17

Leroy Se Meurt 'Voué à Rouiller' LP (Mannequin) £18.5

Little Richard 'I Am Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ' LP/CD (Craft Recordings) £21

Lloyd Miller 'Oriental Jazz' LP (Now-Again) £22

Luizga And Edgar Valente 'Aie' LP/CD (Ajabu!) £30.5

Mac Demarco 'Some Other Ones' LP canary yellow (Captured Tracks) £23.5

Marcus Rezak 'Guitar Head' LP/CD (Deko Entertainment) £20.5

Max I Million 'Shine On...' LP (Coalmine) £24.5

Mom Jeans 'Sweet Tooth' LP pink galxy (Many Hats / Wax Bodega) £19

Nathan Francis 'House That Bobby Built' CD (Ajabu! ) £13

Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites 'Jangle Town' 7” (Optic Nerve) £10.5

Oingo Boingo 'Live In Los Angeles' CD (Interference) £12

Opeth 'Damnation: 20th Anniversary Edition' LP (Sony) £20

Pablo Schneider 'Sobre La Hierba Virgen' LP (Vampisoul) £21.5

Pale Jay 'My Dirty Desire / Dreaming In Slow Motion' 7” (Karma Chief/Colemine) £8.5

Papo Felix And Ray Rodriguez 'Papo Felix Meets Ray Rodriguez' LP (Now-Again) £23.5

Paradise Lost 'Icon 30' CD (Paradise Lost ) £11

Peaness 'Kiss Me Sweet Pea / Sad Season' 7” (Totally Snick) £12

Phineas Newborn Jr. 'A World Of Piano!' LP 180g (Craft Recordings) £33

Photek 'Modus Operandi' 3LP (Proper) £39.5

Ray Barretto 'Indestructible' LP (Craft Recordings) £27.5

Reciprocate 'Soul To Burn' LP (Gringo) £17

Sandrider 'Aviary & Baleen' 7” (Alternative Tentacles) £12.5

Sarah Silverman 'Someone You Love' 2LP/CD (Oh Us) £24.5

Saul Adamczewski 'Limbo Notebooks' book (Morbid Books) £9

Simon & Garfunkel 'Sing Out Of Toronto & Haarlem: Live 1966' LP (1960s) £10.5

Slate 'Tabernacl / St Agatha' 7” (Brace Yourself) £9

Sleaford Mods 'West End Girls' 12" (Rough Trade) £9.5

Sonny Rollins 'Newk's Time (Classic Vinyl)' LP (Blue Note) £21

Spacemen 3 'Forged Prescriptions' 2LP (Space Age Recordings) £24.5

Spice 1 'Spice 1' LP (Get On Down) £22

Steiner & Madlaina 'Cheers' LP yellow (Glitterhouse) £23.5

Taste 'Radio and TV Broadcasts' LP (1960s) £10.5

The Apartments 'Apart' 2LP (Talitres) £21.5

The Ataris & Useless I.D. 'Let It Burn' LP col (Cleopatra) £29.5

The Beggers 'Metamorfose' 7” (Munster) £12.5

The Belles 'Melvin b/w Come Back' 7” (Numero Group) £7.5

The Belles 'Melvin b/w Come Back' 7” blue (Numero Group) £8

The Black Crowes 'The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion' LP/2CD (UMR) £21

The Contessas 'Broken Heart b/w Gimme Gimme' 7” (Numero Group) £7.5

The Contessas 'Broken Heart b/w Gimme Gimme' 7” peach (Numero Group) £8

The Faces 'Live at the Marquee 1970' LP (1960s) £10.5

The Hurricanes 'Here Comes The Storm' LP (Spinout Nuggets) £20.5

The Psychic Circle 'View From The Magicians Window' LP blood moon (Library Of The Occult) £21.5

The Spencer Davis Group 'At The BBC 1965' LP (1960s) £10.5

Thee Girl Fridays 'Double Crossing Double Agent / Ejector Seat' 7” (Spinout Nuggets) £12

Therion 'Leviathan III' 2LP/CD (Napalm Handels GmbH) £26

Toiling Midgets 'Four Track Mind (A Retrospective 1980 – 1983)' LP (Improved Sequence) £20.5

Toiling Midgets 'Live Ibeam SF 1991' LP (Improved Sequence) £19.5

Twilight and Kon 'You're In Love (Kon Remix & Dub)' 7” (Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.) £12

Unglee Izi 'The Wall of the Altar Star — Musique du Solitaire'' CD (Mirae Arts) £12

Various Artists 'Always + Forever' LP (Do You have Peace?) £18.5

Various Artists 'Bayonetta (OST)' 4LP (Wayô) £80.5

Various Artists 'Big Crown Records presents Crown Jewels Vol. 3' LP (Big Crown) £20.5

Various Artists 'Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai' 2LP (Late Night Tales) £20.5

Vickie & The Van Dykes 'I Wanna Be a Winner b/w Outcast' 7” (Numero Group) £7.5

Vickie & The Van Dykes 'I Wanna Be a Winner b/w Outcast' 7” green white (Numero Group) £8

Wale 'More About Nothing' 2LP (Every Blue Moon / EMPIRE) £25.5

Wale 'More About Nothing' 2LP (Every Blue Moon / EMPIRE) £25.5

Wes Montgomery 'The Complete Full House Recording' 3LP 180g/2CD (Craft Recordings) £45

Wishy 'Paradise' MC (Winspear) £12

Wizards Of Wiznan 'No Light Has No Shadow' CD (Argonauta) £9

Wytch Hazel 'King Of Israel' 7” (Bad Omen) £12

X-Ray Spex 'Conscious Consumer' LP crystal clear (Do Yourself In) £23.5

X-Ray Spex 'Conscious Consumer' LP eco mix/CD (Do Yourself In) £23.5

Yelfris Valdes 'For The Ones… Remixed' LP (Musica Macondo) £12

Yonder Pond 'Mole In My Shoe' CD (Sireena) £16

Youmna Saba 'Wishah' LP (Ruptured) £22

Young Dolph 'King of Memphis' LP (Paper Route Empire) £19.5

Posted on December 1st, 2023